Conversation Hearts

Conversation HeartsI am not a big fan of actual conversation hearts…I mean, what exactly are those things made of? But felt conversation hearts…now we’re talkin’. This is a quick and easy little craft, assuming you have some basic embroidery skills. Let’s get started!

A few color choices of both felt and embroidery thread
Embroidery hoop

Conversation HeartsStep 1: Sketch a 2-2 1/2 inch heart on a large piece of felt. Decide what you would like your heart to say, and lightly trace the words in the center of your heart. DO NOT CUT OUT YOUR HEART (that sounds weird!).
Step Two: Put your felt into an embroidery hoop and embroider your words using back stitch.
Step Three: Cut out your heart, as well as an additional identical heart.
Step Four: Using a blanket stitch, sew your hearts together. When you have just a small opening left, stuff your heart and then finish sewing it closed.

Optional: Using either hot glue or a needle and thread, sew a pin backing onto your heart, making for a cute Valentine’s Day pin!

Now go out and wear your heart on your sleeve (sorry, I couldn’t resist)!

15 thoughts on “Conversation Hearts

  1. cindi

    I wanted to say thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on my giveaway. I did't make 50 comments, but I decided to extend the deadline until I got 50 comments. These hearts are so cute and I'm thinking they would look adorable on a little ribbon garland. Great job.

  2. Anonymous

    Thanks for posting the stitching too. Cute project. I think I can use this in the toddler classes too when we sing about ” I've got the Joy in My Heart” and I can stitch JOY!
    Great ideas!
    Thanks again.

  3. Christine Chitnis

    Hi Laura…drawing on felt is very difficult. I use a pencil and trace very lightly…usually I can rub off the marking without damaging the felt. It is not foolproof, but it's the best method I have found. You might also try chalk pencils, I have had good luck with those too!

    It also helps to use high quality wool felt!


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