Conversation Hearts: All Grown Up

Linen HeartsWhile I love yesterday’s pastel, felt conversation hearts, I was craving something a bit more sophisticated. So I put together a more grown-up heart! Instead of cute little sayings, I think these contain a message that reads: “I have GREAT taste in vintage sewing notions.” Ohh…how romantic!Sewing together heartsStep 1: Cut out two identical linen hearts (2-2 1/2 inches). Choose a small length of ribbon and pin in between your two linen hearts.
Step 2: Sew together leaving a small opening for stuffing. Trim the excess ribbon so that it matches the edge of the heart. Turn your heart right side out. Linen HeartsStep 3: I stuffed my hearts with lavender, but you can stuff them with regular cotton stuffing as well! Sew up the small opening after stuffing.
Step 4: Now comes the fun part…embellish your hearts with pretty buttons, flowers and bows!Linen Hearts

Your thoughts on “Conversation Hearts: All Grown Up

  1. Okay, this is the first blog I've been checking every morning. Christine, you are loaded with valentine ideas. I totally agree that showcasing vintage notions is very romantic. And, with these filled with lavender you can use them as sachets after the holiday. bonus. Can't wait to see tomorrows idea.

  2. Hey Christine and Lavender and Lime Community!

    I took the Flea Market Furniture Makeovers class with Christine last night at the Learning Connection in Providence. I had a GREAT time.

    If anyone is in the area and can attend a class with Christine I recommend it- she is an enthusiastic, organized, and knowledgeable teacher. I now have a plan and some confidence about what I am going to do with my dining room set now.

    Great blog Christine- I'll be back!


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