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Pretty PotsThis might be my favorite craft so far, and I got the idea after seeing one too many beautifully patterned pots that were just out of my price range! Nothing a little Mod Podge and pretty fabric can’t fix! The total cost of this project was about $3 a pot.Fabric for pots Materials:
Terracotta pots
Mod Podge
FabricInside view This works better in description form, rather than step-by-step: Start by cutting a length of fabric that will wrap once around your pot. Leave extra room for folding it over on the top and bottom. Cut slits in the fabric around the top, to avoid puckering as you make your way around. Begin by coating a small section of the pot with Mod Podge. Stick the beginning of your fabric length to the pot and once it is in place, coat the fabric with Mod Podge. Continue doing this all the way around, without worrying about the top or bottom of the pot. When the outside of the pot is finished, trim your fabric so that less than an inch hangs over the top and bottom. Begin at the top, folding the fabric into the pot in pleats so that it lays nice and flat around the rim. Coat in Mod Podge. Do the same for the bottom, folding the fabric in pleats so that the bottom edge of the pot remains smooth. Coat any loose flaps of fabric with Mod Podge. Now let your pot dry. Pretty PotsI would avoid using these pots outside, because if they get wet, the glue will most likely wash off! But packaged with some seeds and cute gardening gloves, these would be an adorable Valentine’s Day gift!

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  1. Christine-

    I just left a comment about your class last night under Friday's posting!

    Had a great time at Flea Market Furniture Makeovers with you. Very excited about my dining room set plan now.


  2. I forget to say that I can't wait to try some of your arts and crafts projects with my daughter. There are some really fun ideas.


  3. Oh I love those pots! I have a fondness for plants and animals, so anything to do with those I go nuts over. I have a garage full of little clay pots. Now they are going to get a little personality of their own! Just hope they don't outshine the plant! Thanks for the lovely idea!

  4. Wow! What a great idea! I have lots of (ugly) pots laying around…i need to try this! Thank you for posting the photos…i'm craft-challenged and love photos to help me along!!

  5. If you put a real plant inside the pot, even if you use it indoors, you MUST coat the entire INSIDE of the pot with a sealant/varnish of some sort. When you water the plant, the water will soak through the terra cotta and loosen the Mod Podge on the outside of the pot. This holds true whether you decoupage, paint, or use markers to decorate the outside: seal the inside first!

    BTW, you could use Outdoor Mod Podge, sealing the inside and outside, and then you can use them outdoors.

  6. I love this so many uses for these, would be cute with random small scraps of fabric sort of like a quilt. Use an outdoor mod podge or seal with an outdoor approved water sealant you could also put a plant that is already in a plastic pot in it. I already have everything to make these so technically I can make them for free. :o)

  7. Hi there, lovely pots…thanks for sharing. I tried to make it, but I wasn't very successful 🙁 Basically, the mod podge stained the fabric in certain areas, kind of yellowish…you can see there is glue there. Did you put the mod podge under the fabric or on top of the fabric. Did you use mod podge fabric or just the regular stuff? just wondering where i possibly messed up. Thank you so much! Ana

  8. This would be very cute in a sewing room using a mini pot and making a “flower pincushion” to top it off! I adore plants and will be making my living room into a sewing room next month. I think this will be a project to add to my decor! Thanks!

  9. This looks absolutely perfect. All these tinny details are made with lot of background knowledge. I like it a lot. This was a useful post and I think it is rather easy to see from the other comments as well that this post is well written and useful.

  10. You could just put a couple coats of polyurethane on them too. That would water proof it. But I love it! Great idea.

  11. These would be so cool as presents to someone who makes hand made jewelry. Whether beading or wire, would be a great holder for all of our “little tools”, tweezers, pencils, mandrels, etc.

  12. Great project! I just wanted to let you know that we featured this project on our Facebook page with almost 12,000 fans. We’d love it if you’d use our Featured Blogger button, available at: Our audience loved the project and we look forward to sharing more from you. Please let us know if you have any questions or projects you’d love us to feature! Thanks!

  13. I love this! What else can I cover in beautiful fabric? I'm looking to spice up a very dull office filled with cold supplies…

  14. Have been wanting to make these for a while after seeing them on your blog… so cute! Finally made my own:
    check it out on my blog The Mint's Tint

    thanks for the awesome idea. I'm not sure if they'll fare very well when I plant things in them tomorrow, but we shall see!!! (I have high hopes)

  15. This is such a great project! Thanks for posting it! Also, just so you know, the seeds you have pictured there are from the D. Landreth Seed Company. It's an amazing heirloom seed house that has been around since 1784 – and they might have to close their doors at the end of September! Go to to buy a catalog to help their cause.

    Thanks again for the great idea!!!

  16. I did this in the early 70's. Still have the pot. I cut squares of bandana prints in red and blue. Don't remember if I used Mod Podge – been too long ago. haha

  17. I just bought outdoor modge podge to do this craft- i read that it is water/ weatherproof for about 3 months before needing a new coat of glue! Super excited to try this craft!

  18. Applying a copy coats of polyurethane spray will seal those pots up so they can be used outside. I make homemade coaster and I use polyurethane to protect them from water condensation.Great project idea!

  19. Where you say “Cut slits in the fabric around the top…” I don't understand what to do, or how. Can you please clarify somehow? Maybe with a picture, or diagram? I really don't get it…

  20. Christine, I saw on a website something about outdoor Mod Podge that doesn't wash out. I just saw it, haven't tried it. Just thought I would throw it out there. I love flowers and pretty pots. I will definitely have some of these beauties outside at my house!!

  21. Febuary 2, 2013.
    I just saw your project on covering pot… beautiful. I do crafts for elementary children . We show them how to garden at their school. I would love to do this project with them using the out door modge podge, or to take home for Mum. Thanks for the idea.

  22. Thanks gorengal — I knew there had to be something more to this process if you really wanted to plant something in these. Otherwise the fabric would go moldy pretty quickly, I think. I'm also wondering if Mod Podge is the best sealant for this.

  23. I made one of these back around 1975, when I was in high school. I used a red w/white dot fabric for the rim and a strawberries-on-yellow-ground print for the lower part. I wound red crochet thread over the fabric join, where the rim angles in to the lower part, and glued it in place. Then I brushed on a coating over just the fabric and a bit of the exposed clay inside. I believe it was Mod Podge, but could have been varnish. I kept a coleus in the pot for a couple of years, then noticed that there was some mold showing through on part of the pot. I still have it, with a plastic plant from that era, never have put a real plant in it again. Maybe I should have coated the inside of the pot as well.

  24. Hi Christine! I hope it is okay if I use one of your photos in a brochure I am doing at the library I work at…we are doing this craft this summer and I really want patrons to see what the final product looks like so that they will say, “Hey, this looks awesome, I want to come to his program!” However, I haven't had enough time to do the craft myself yet. I will include the link to your blog under the picture and will also include the link when I print the craft directions for those who attend the program. Thanks!

    Geneva Public Library, NY

  25. Where did you find the fabric on the pots pictured on the first page of this post? It was a fun bright turquoise and poppy red floral print. Thanks!!

  26. Can’t wait to try. Wonder if spraying with sealer or clear coat will make these weather resistant? Thanks for info.

  27. You can use these to plant in if you spray them with a coat or two of clear paint inside and out to seal the terracotta and fabric. Left in the sun they will fade though.

  28. wondering if this will work with terra cotta pots? Worried when I water the plants if the moisture from the inside will ruin the glue and fabric on the outside?…

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