Valentine’s Busy Book

Valentine's Day Busy BookThis here is a repeat, but it was so popular last year, that I decided to bring it out again! I made this love-filled ‘busy book’ for curious little hands. This is a great gift for children who are just learning to dress themselves as it works on buttoning skills!


-Seven buttons
-Trim for the button loop
-Embroidery thread
-Several different colors of felt

Valentine's Day Busy BookStep One: For the book you will need two same sized rectangles of felt (preferably in a color that will contrast with your hearts). Take six buttons and scatter them over one of the rectangles. Sew the buttons in place with embroidery thread.Valentine's Day Busy Book Step Two: Cut out six hearts, some small and some large (depending on the size of your buttons). Cut a small slit in the middle of each heart.Valentine's Day Busy Book Step Three: Sew a button onto the front cover and a loop onto the back cover. This will allow the busy book to be buttoned shut.Valentine's Day Busy Book Step Four: In order to hide all of your stitches, place the two wrong sides together. Secure them with an embroidered X at each corner. You may want to sew around the edges as well, it is up to you!Valentine's Day Busy Book
All done! Now you can unbutton all the hearts and button them back up in whatever colorful, loved-filled pattern you choose! Happy (very) early Valentine’s Day!!

Stay tuned for one more project…twice in one day, oh boy!
Valentine's Day Busy Book

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