Farm Yard Playmat

Farm Yard Playmat It’s a miracle…I actually finished a craft AND took step-by-step pictures for a tutorial. Wow…I think I just impressed myself! This is a super easy, fun little felt playmat, that is perfect for a birthday present or just something to keep the kids busy in the car.

You will need:
-Several colors of felt
-Embroidery thread and needle
-Sewing machine (optional)
Farm Yard PlaymatStep One: With your sewing machine, take a large piece of green felt, and sew on a large blue rectangle that will act as the sky. Leave one side open (this will act as a pocket, in which you can store the little animal pieces)
Farm Yard PlaymatStep Two: Cut out your various animals, trees and clouds out of felt, and using embroidery thread, embroider their eyes, and other details.
Farm Yard Playmat Ta da! Once your little felt animals are done…your project is complete! Now you can move around the pieces, make little scenes, sing little farm songs…the whole bit.
Farm Yard PlaymatOnce you are done playing, the pieces slip into the “sky pocket” for easy storage, and the whole mat rolls up. Secure the roll with a ribbon and you are good to go! Farm Yard Playmat

9 thoughts on “Farm Yard Playmat

  1. Rose

    lOVE the playmat! I've been lurking on your blog, and I am going to feature this week on my Sunday Six list- the theme is family; perfect, because I picture you from reading your blog as an amazing mommy!!



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