Markets of New England and a Brand New Blog!

Things are running a bit ahead of schedule around here…trust me, I am as surprised as you are.  So although I was going to wait until Monday to introduce my book and newly designed blog…I think the time is NOW!  So please take a moment to explore this new space.  I am so very excited and proud of the new design.  I owe a million thanks to Lindsay of Lindsay Nicole Design Studio for my newly designed blog…seriously, she is amazing.  No…beyond amazing!  Secondly, a huge thank you to Cindy of milk tea + polkadots for my new logo.  Oh yes, there is a chicken in my logo…how sweet is that?

And now onto the book, my second baby, if you will.  I have been working on Markets of New England since last spring, and it is a true labor of love.  I did all of the writing and took all of the photographs.  I am so very proud of how it turned out…I hope you will enjoy this little sneak peek (you can click on the pages below to see them up-close!).  The book is due to hit shelves on May 3rd (although it is already available for pre-order), so stay tuned for more about my blog tour and New England book signing tour!  There will be so much fun stuff going on around here it will make your head spin…promise!  So without further ado…

Experience a quintessentially American summer—a village-green, homemade-ice-cream, corn-on-the-cob kind of summer—exploring the fifty vibrant farmers’ and artisan markets profiled in Markets of New England. You’ll find picture-postcard settings, delicious food, and unique crafts down every ribbon of highway.

In Massachusetts, make your way up the coast to Cape Cod, where markets feature baskets of blueberries and flats of oysters still dripping with saltwater; hop the ferry to Sustainable Nantucket’s picturesque farm stands; or journey inland to an art festival nestled in the Berkshires.

 In New Hampshire, attend a lakeside workshop and a market held on New England’s largest town common, in the shadow of a classic white church and steeple. Meander across Vermont during an open studio weekend, or to Maine for a clam festival, a county fair, and craft guild shows. Even tiny Rhode Island has pleasures aplenty: an oceanfront gourmet food tasting, an indie art fair overlooking Narragansett Bay and Newport Harbor, and more.

Markets of New England leads you to the local delicacies, the most interesting purveyors, the products of community supported farms and fisheries, the standout crafts and artwork, and provides all the details you need to know, including off-season schedules.

 The food and crafts are filled with local flavor, the settings pure New England, and the itineraries provide enough delights to fill an endless summer.

25 thoughts on “Markets of New England and a Brand New Blog!

  1. Jamie

    Oh, Christine!!!

    You DID IT!

    This is amazing on so many levels! Makes me want to move up North! Or have you come down and write about the Southeast Markets :) Congratulations!!

  2. Thea

    Yay! Oh it looks absolutely gorgeous! I am rushing to pre order my copy now. Congrats Christine! Your new blog and logo are so delightful. I have a huge grin from ear to ear I am so happy for you….


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