I stayed true to my promise and actually allowed myself to have a real vacation- no work, no blogging, no email…just swimming, sunsets, family dinners, and relaxation.  It was heavenly. Perhaps best of all, we missed the East Coast heat wave, and instead floated the days away in the cool, clear waters of Torch Lake in Northern Michigan.

My little one is such a water baby.  He would take a morning, afternoon and evening swim, splashing in the gentle waves, allowing us to dunk him under, and squealing with glee.  He is going to quite the little fish, taking after his mom (that would be me).  If I may brag…I dove right back in to water skiing and wakeboarding as if no time had passed (it had been awhile, since no one would allow me to indulge in my love of water sports while pregnant!).  But there was plenty of other summering activities, besides water sports and infant dunking, to be had…

We picked bushels of cherries and raspberries, which we promptly baked into all kinds of sweet goodness.

We celebrated the 4th with sparklers and a sunset that rivaled the fireworks.

We visited picturesque farms, and introduced the little one to skittish sheep and noisy roosters.

There were garden walks at dusk, to soothe a baby that was cutting his first tooth.  It finally came through…an exciting, but altogether exhausting endeavor for all of us!

And finally…on the nights that we had visitors, the guitar would make an appearance, and in between heated games of gin rummy, we would listen as our guests serenaded us.  We make you sing for your supper at the lake house.

All in all…it was a perfect vacation.  I am coming home with a clean slate…spending time away from the online world did wonders for my head space.  Before this trip, I had been stressing over the silliest things, and spending too much time questioning and doubting my unique talents.

I find that, for me, too much time spent on blogs, pouring over others words, and pictures, and comparing numbers of comments, can be a dangerous pastime.  It often leads me down a dark road of self-doubt.  It was nice to come up for air, and to clear out my mental space to make room for my voice to come back through.  It’s nice to be back here…I missed this space, I missed engaging with my readers, I missed sharing little glimpses of my life.  Thanks for being here…

11 thoughts on “Summering

  1. Bella

    Hey friend! I'm glad you had a relaxing vacation with your family. Baby V is so, so adorable in these smiley pics. Welcome home & thanks for sharing these lovely glimpses.

  2. abby

    Welcome back! It looks like you had a great vacation. Your photos look so magical.

    I completely understand your point about your mind space. I'm glad you were able to walk away for a while.

    Looking forward to seeing what comes from your new inspiration.

  3. Emily

    Looks like you had a wonderful vacation! Isn't wonderful?! We just took a break from the Oklahoma heat in Breckenridge, Colorado. It was magical!

    It is comforting to know that other people feel the way I do with comparing and seeing what other people are accomplishing. My mom and I are starting to get our own small creative business off the ground and it is an overwhelming and humbling experience!

    Welcome Back!

  4. Kayla Poole

    Oh sigh, these pictures are lovely. I, too, just had a three-week break from blogging thanks to a trip abroad and it was amazing! I am all the more excited to be back refreshed and rejuvenated.

  5. B.

    This looks like a perfect vacation–as perfect as real life can be, that is. :) I also feel the same about blogging. I never get jealous exactly, but sometimes others images and stories can send me wondering “why don't I have that”, or “why didn't that same thing work for me?” All in moderation I guess.

  6. A New England Life

    What a fabulous vacation! So good to unwind and clear the decks of life. I'll bet everyone loved spending time with the little one as well : )

    I'm with you, Christine. Reading too many blogs makes me feel foggy and insecure about my own talents. Sometimes you've just got to let it all go.

    To bad you didn't miss this heat wave! And I'm so glad they found your bag!!! Phew!

  7. Juddie

    Wow! What a glorious summer holiday! Looks as though it was the perfect getaway. We had an unusually icy morning here in Melbourne (Australia) this morning … summer seems so far away!


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