Watering Cans

I am so excited to finally have a new craft to share with you!  This week has proven to be blustery and raining, but over the weekend, when the sun was out, I spent hours in my backyard, spring cleaning the beds, planting my pots (which are now sad and water-logged, sigh), and sprucing up the patio.

I am planning on eating many dinners out here this summer, so I want it in tip-top shape, and I am still mighty proud of how far we’ve come with our yard.  I have many plans in store for the future, but this summer, feeling mighty large and pregnant, I have decided to let it go.  However, small projects, such as these watering cans, are totally doable, and super fun!  I envision these spruces up watering cans making interesting centerpieces for my patio table in preparation for all of those al fresco meals.  This project is super simple, and takes no more than a half an hour- tops!

Metal watering can
Waterproof Modge Podge
Paper flower cut- out (I found these images in a vintage botanical book I happened to have)

1. Make sure the outside of the watering can is clean and dry before starting project.
2. Cut out a flower (or botanical) image, and, using a brush, cover the backside with a coat of Modge Podge.
3. Stick the cut-out to the watering can and give it a top coat of Modge Podge. Use a wet cloth to clean up any drips or smears (although Modge Podge dries clear, smudges and drips will show on the bare metal).
4. Allow to dry thoroughly before using to water plants!

Note: I plan on bringing these in when it rains, because although I used waterproof Modge Podge, I don’t want to test my luck!

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  1. I would recommend spraying them with a sealer after the Modge Podge dries. This will make them last longer and also be weather proof.

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