First Haircut

We had put it off for as long as we possibly could, but his sweet little baby curls were cascading down his back, and hanging in his eyes.  It was time for his first haircut.  Luckily, right up the street from my parents is the most charming old fashion barber shop, which has been around since 1949.  It was the perfect place for this memorable occasion.

Vijay “helped” comb out his unruly curls before donning an apron (umm- leopard print?) and allowing the barber to get down to business.  He held remarkably still the whole time (shocker!), and actually seemed pretty intrigued by the whole process.

It was hard for me to watch his little curls being snipped off, so I busied myself taking way too many pictures!

The only other customer while we were there happened to be a pro baseball player, Jim Miller from the Oakland A’s, in town to play the Detroit Tigers.  Seriously…what are the odds of that?  He was very sweet- and even autographed Vijay’s “first haircut” certificate that the barber gave to him to commemorate the occasion!  All in all, a successful, special first haircut, and this mama was very relieved to find that his curls still remain.  My little baby looks all grown up now…such a handsome little man.

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  1. How sweet, Vijay, the shop and to see, that it is possible for children to have their hair cut without the whole thing turning into a screaming session with them being held down. Sounds fun with that certificate as well.

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