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We spent this weekend holding our boys a bit closer, loving them with a new fierceness.  Our thoughts and prayers are with all of the families in Connecticut, and our hearts are so heavy thinking of their grief.  Changes are needed in this country- it’s no longer about politics, it’s about ensuring our children’s safety- and I pray that we will see those changes come into being in the new year.  I think real change starts at home, teaching our children love, and putting a priority on togetherness.

This year, to celebrate our growing family, and all the memories we have already created together, I commissioned a family portrait for my husband’s Christmas present.  I was introduced to the insanely talented Phoebe Wahl through the Taproot community, and it just so happens that she is a RISD student, right here in Providence.  I invited her over to meet the boys, and sent her this family picture (not great, but the only one of all four of us!) from our trip to Vermont.  My only instructions were to make us look a bit spiffier than that photo (!) and to commemorate the time we spent visiting our favorite farms this summer.  Of course chickens had to be included too!  Other than that, I left it up to her artistic interpretation- and oh my, did she nail it.  I absolutely love the result…I framed it and gave it to Vijay over the weekend (we’re traveling over the holidays and it is too large and fragile, hence the early delivery!).  He was speechless, and immediately decided to hang it right in our front hall.  Our sweet family…we are just so blessed.

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