Phoebe Wahl: A Studio Tour

Yesterday morning, the amazingly gifted Phoebe Wahl welcomed me into her home studio to capture a few snapshots of her work.  I am in absolute awe of her talent, and after seeing her work in Taproot, and commissioning her to make a family portrait, I was left wanting more.  Actually, I would very much like to live in the world Phoebe creates, where mothers are rosy cheeked, wearing patterned aprons while feeding chickens, babies slung on their back, and fathers have scruffy beards and rough hands from tending the fields and working in their woodshops.  Yes, this is my kind of world.

Phoebe has sketchbook upon sketchbook filled with what she calls “scribbles” (and I call “blow your mind art”)!  If I had a fraction of her talent, I could pretty much die happy.

I especially love that her work celebrates women, child rearing, family, hearth and home.  This is a girl who has her priorities straight (says the mother of two who has been nursing or pregnant for the past 3 years!).

As Phoebe and I chatted, I found myself intrigued by her upbringing- it was clear that her parents placed a high priority on creativity and individuality.  One particular line stuck with me- “I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t drawing.”  It is clear that art runs strong through her veins.  We shared our favorite children’s books, and illustrators, a few we had in common, such as Tasha Tudor and Cicely Mary Barker.  Mark my words- Phoebe will one day join their ranks.  And that is her greatest wish- to create children’s books.  We both agreed that no other art form was as formative to us as books- no museum, or great piece of art can compare to the stories we cherished as children.

After studying for several years at RISD, Phoebe traveled abroad for a semester to Scotland, where she studied sustainability, and lived on a tiny island as part of an eco-community.  Her stories were fascinating, as were her sketches influenced by that time in her life.

And please don’t even get me started on her figurines.  I have always had a thing for miniatures, and tiny little beings.  Phoebe’s seem alive, with their rosy cheeks and colorful clothing.  The women with the baby in her arms- love.  Shhh- don’t tell Phoebe but I slipped that one in my pocket 😉

My only regret was that I didn’t capture a picture of Phoebe smiling- she is utterly charming, and really lights up the room.  Anyhow- here she is, in full concentration mode.  And her artful apartment- you can feel, from the moment you step through the door, that this is the home of a true artist.  Thank you, Phoebe, for inviting me into your world.

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  1. This just made my day and week. They are all exquisite. Thank you Christine for this wonderful post and showcasing Phoebe's artwork. She is truly talented.

  2. can you see me fainting over here??? Oh the talent among you taproot people……it's really amazing. I love every single thing I've ever seen on any of your pages…..really. Thank you for your sharp, clear photographs.

  3. I am also in love with her artwork! I just purchased all 4 prints from her Wondering Through the Seasons drawings from Taproot! Thanks for sharing a great post!! Jill

  4. What a delightful tour thought her space. Thank you so much for sharing these photos and your thoughts on Phoebe's work. I completely agree about children's books too—and I can envision her work in the treasured stories of the future!

  5. Thank you, thank you , thank you for this amazing peek into the magical world of Phoebe Wahl- she has already joined the ranks of the best of the best of artists- I am in awe of the this woman's talents and creativity!
    ~ gretchen

  6. Is she coming to the spring Squam?
    Will I get to meet her? Will I, will I will I?….
    She spent time at Findhorn?
    The place of the fairies? That explains a lot.
    Thank you for this. Now to go down to the kitchen and recreate one of her paintings.
    I'll be the round happy jolly mum, baking. Cheers. Your Denny xoxox

  7. So beautiful! I too travelled and lived in Scotland as a long ago young woman. Findhorn was a magical place indeed for a girl in the 70's. Thank you for sharing this loveliness.

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