Seeing the Light

This past week, I treated myself to a photography lesson with the amazing Heidi of White Studio Loft.  I have worked with Heidi on a few shoots now, and I am always amazed at the lightness she captures in her images.  After spending some time reviewing the basic principals of photography (you know, all the fun stuff, f-stop, shutter speed, iso, etc.), we headed to Jephry Florist, a gorgeous, light filled flower shop on the West Side of Providence.

The goal was to work on capturing natural light- I am often frustrated when I cannot capture that airy, bright light that I so often come across out in the world.  It was a bit scary setting my camera to Manual (I usually shoot in Aperture Priority), but once I got the hang of it, I was thrilled to have such control.

Heidi was such a patient teacher, and she instilled in me such confidence to put into practice what I learned.  Although my photography time is so limited these days, I am excited to get out there and start shooting in manual.  It can be hard to make “me time” a priority these days, but every time I spend a day doing what I love, and learning new skills to further my passion, I realize how important it is to build time for myself into our busy family schedule.

I can’t wait to share the shoot that we staged in the afternoon (hint: it has to do with cocktails!).  I’ll leave you with my favorite images from the morning, a vase filled with gorgeous Hellebore blooms, a sure sign that spring is around the corner.

Your thoughts on “Seeing the Light

  1. I found your blog through SouleMama. Your boys are beautiful, so beautiful. I read through some of your posts and was delighted to feel recognition in some of what you are living. I too am raising two biracial boys (5 and 2) and have suffered through terrible sleep deprivation especially with our last son who only slept for 40 minute stretches for the first several months and never slept through the night until well after he turned one. I have no answers on that front – I tried everything but both my boys just plain refused to learn this skill until they were ready. Even now, one still sleeps with us.

    Honestly though, your photography is gorgeous and I so connected to the photos of your boys – they remind me of my two:)

  2. I am so excited to this post!! your images look beautiful……and can't wait to see more of your work as you continue to “see the light”!

  3. Melissa – Thanks Heidi! Let me be the first to let you know that I so enjoy you taking Elijah’s pics. Your prosfesionalism and natural talent is impeccable! Wishing great success in what you love to do.

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