Easter Eggs, A Few Ways

Easter comes but once a year, so I can’t help but go a bit overboard in the egg decorating department.  I love Easter crafts- bunnies, chicks, pastels- what’s not to love?  Last year I experimented with natural dyes, and I really liked the results.  I decided to do the same this year, with the addition of a few new ingredients, including red and yellow onion skins, blueberries, and paprika.  You can find my complete instructions on natural dying here.

I hollowed out, and hardboiled a bunch of eggs, and then I dyed them a variety of colors.

Inspired by Erin’s beautiful eggs at Reading My Tea Leaves, I decided to try botanical printing.  I also played around with quail eggs (both in their natural state and dyed), as well as using the hollowed out eggs as little planters for succulents and pansies.  I am pretty over-the-moon with the results (a special thanks to Sarah for coming over to help me style my eggs!), and although it required a few late nights to pull it all together, I do believe I’m going to have the prettiest Easter table around!

For the little egg planters, I dyed uncooked eggs, and once they achieved the perfect color, I gently cracked the top, and very carefully broke off little pieces of the shell until I had carved out a hole.  I filled the hole very carefully with dirt, and a single succulent.  I kept adding dirt, and carefully packing it in, until the succulent could stand on its own.

I mainly kept the quail eggs natural since they are so beautiful with their speckled cream and brown shells.  I did try dying a few, and I discovered that when you get the quail eggs wet, the speckled coating comes off, unless you allow it to dry before touching.  It proved to be difficult to get a dyed, speckled egg, but I handled a few very carefully, and allowed them to dry thoroughly, and it seemed to work.  My favorite dyed quail egg are the ones pictured below, dyed in coffee, which achieved a gorgeous caramel color, and dyed in red cabbage for a rich blue.

For a little more of a color pop, I decided to plant some pansies.  The eggs dyed in turmeric made for the perfect planter, their yellow color pairing perfectly with the flowers.

Tomorrow, I’ll share one last Easter craft- the eggs which will grace the boy’s Easter baskets!  And if you have any fun egg decorating links or suggestions, please pass them along.  I’m always on the lookout for new ideas!

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  1. These are really lovely ideas. I know what to do now with some of the 4 dozen organic eggs I have in the fridge that my lovely friend gave me!

  2. Hi Christine! You are incredibly talented in the craft department (waaaay more than me) and I also admire the way you photographed the eggs. I've been reading your blog since you taught a writing class at Squam 2 years ago, but I usually check out my favorite blogs early in the morning before I go to work, and I can't let myself get distracted or I will be late – plus I'm not too coherent to type while still drinking coffee. Then at night life gets away so I haven't commented. But you inspired me to start my own blog, which I thank you for. You encouraged your students, so I'd like to do the same for you. I don't know how long it takes you to create your posts, but you do an amazingly thorough job with the photography and writing. I hope you wouldn't think of it as “settling” if you posted shorter ones with fewer photos. Although the content is always awesome to read and view. I mean it supportively, not knowing if part of the time and work of the posts themselves is causing you stress. I'm happy to see anything you put up :).

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