Little Hats

I think these little guys will look very sweet in the boys Easter baskets, although I am sure they will last no more than a moment!  This was a super simple craft, just folding and snipping colorful bits of paper to make little hats, crowns and bunny ears.

This will be the first Easter that Vijay is old enough to understand the whole idea of an Easter egg hunt.  Our church is hosting a fun day of activities, including an Easter egg hunt with 6,000 candy-filled eggs.  I sense a looming sugar high, followed by confusion on Monday morning when our breakfast eggs are filled with yolks instead of sugary treats!

However you choose to celebrate, I hope you have a happy Easter and a lovely weekend.  I’m hoping against hope that we might get some blossoming trees this week.  My family is coming into town and I would love to show off our wonderful city in all its spring finery.

Your thoughts on “Little Hats

  1. Christine, shame about no blossoming trees last weekend! But I'm crossing my fingers for at least some forsythia this week:) And either way we are certainly seeing lots of crocuses and those daffodils are about ready to pop open!! Enjoy the spring colors just around the corner.

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