Blues and Greys

_MG_3635Where have I been?  Oh I don’t know, holed up at home knitting and sewing late into the night for no reason other than that I’m totally obsessed with garment making.  First up- a beautiful striped scarf that took 100 years to finish.  Maybe it only felt that way because it’s a pretty boring pattern- just knitting, back and forth for eternity.  But I absolutely love the finished result- it’s a big triangle, which makes it perfect for draping around my neck a few times, and it adds a graphic pop to any outfit.  If you want some knitting details, check out my Ravelry notes.

_MG_3624While I love knitting, and can do it while watching a movie (which means my husband doesn’t get totally ignored), I have started getting into sewing garments as well.  I loved my first gathered top, so I tried the pattern again in a more casual, polka-dot chambray.  I prefer the other one, but this is pretty cute too.

_MG_3674Finally, after much fiddling with the neckline, I finished my Tova.  I do love it, but the neck still hangs a bit funny.  I think a bit of starch and a good press might take care of it…we’ll see.  I don’t own starch, so there’s that!  I’m mid-sentence in the picture below, bossing my husband around as he begrudges me a few pictures.  Then he decided to get all “artistic” and shoot at weird angles, hence the second picture.  We make a pretty funny team, and this was the best we could get between juggling the boys and the light rain that decided to fall mid- shoot!  And by “shoot” I mean the five minutes spent snapping in the backyard.


_MG_3667So that’s it- my late fall wardrobe.  I didn’t realize until I was folding them up after photographing that I had a color palette going- blues and greys.  Let’s go ahead and pretend that was totally planned!



Your thoughts on “Blues and Greys

  1. I actually love how your tova turned out- the neckline falls beautifully on you. Truth is, the neckline on that pattern is just odd- the flaps always just kind of flop over. But I like how you cut it back. Well done on all!! And those B+W stripes- YUM.

  2. Lovely pieces. The polka dot chambray is adorable. I’ve done a lot of simple knitting lately, but have realized I’m bored and need to switch things up a bit. This means a trip to the yarn shop, of course. 😉

  3. I love the scarf – and am very fond of stripes! The chambray top is so perfect for casual wear with jeans – you did an incredible job! Do you ever sleep?? 🙂

    1. Hi Kerry- While I don’t have a serger myself, my friend, an amazing seamstress, has been letting me use hers when we have our sewing dates! It is unbeatable for sewing clothes, that’s for sure. So to answer your question- yes- all the clothes here were made with the help of a serger!

  4. I love your “just do it” spirit. You seem to have a good eye for matching the hand of the fabric and the pattern. The striped scarf is amazing. I always like to starch my cotton tops lightly and let the wearing soften them up. Be careful, sewing can be addictive!

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