India, a pop-up shop…and yes, we’re totally nuts

4228487720_57ef4093e0_oSo, India with two little ones….for a month.  Are we completely nuts?  Perhaps, but we figure why not approach life with a sense of adventure (and a touch of crazy).  When my husband announced that he would need to travel to India for work during the early part of January, I asked him what he thought about tacking on some time to travel as a family.  Despite our nervousness about traveling such a great distance with the boys, we managed to psyche each other up, and so….off we go for the next month.  We leave next week, but I can’t imagine I’ll have time to stop in, so the next post will be live from India (that is, if we survive the 14 hour plane ride).



4247482119_23586c82fe_oWhen I traveled to India previously, I had several readers email me asking if I knew where they could get the various kantha quilts, block prints and ribbons that I brought back from India.  I haven’t seen these things for sale in the States, at least not authentic-looking goods.  So I thought I might bring back a few things and set up a little online shop, that is if anyone would be interested.  Let me know if this is something that would interest you, and what you would love to see…I’ll do my best to come back bearing gifts.  Below, a few examples of what I’ll most likely find (embroidered ribbon, hand-carved printing blocks, hand-stitched kantha quilts made from vintage saris).  I might offer a few prints if I manage to capture any worthy pictures, too!  Please take a moment to comment if you are interested…





Your thoughts on “India, a pop-up shop…and yes, we’re totally nuts

  1. Ha! I typed “India” yesterday and then decided not to send it. So cool! I’m sure it will be amazing and I can’t wait to see the pictures. 🙂

  2. I love the ribbon and the printing blocks. Any chance you could add shondesh molds to your list? Have a wonderful adventure with your sweet family!

  3. Sounds like an adventure that you have to do! The stamps are intriguing, definitely an addition I’d love for my pottery. Of course, I’d probably buy other items as well. Enjoy!

  4. I’m with Sandra, what happened to Paris? I believe that India is the source for some really cool chalk stencils. They are made from punching holes in an old tin can in all sorts of pretty designs. The edges are folded down to make a shallow box that is filled with rice flour or colored pigment and then you just set, lift, set again to make a lovely pattern of your choice on the sidewalk, floor or wherever you like. I found them at a favorite shop in Berkeley that is filled with finds from trips such as the one you’re gearing up for. These make a lovely, easy, and cost effective decoration that can be used again and again. Happy hunting!

  5. Okay, me too…I thought Paris! India will be an adventure for sure. A few days to rest when you arrive and you will be set to explore. Have an amazing time! You will always remember this Christine. Have fun! Maybe you will need a trip to the beach when you get home??!!?! 😉

  6. I love your sense of adventure…I wish I had opportunities like this when I was younger! I can’t wait to see the treasures and photos from your trip! Enjoy every second…Merry Christmas and safe travels to you and your beautiful family!

  7. oh, what a wonderful idea!! Best of luck on the plane…and have a fabulous time!! I have actually been perusing the web for a kantha quilt and a wooden block; I’d love to see what you bring back!! Happy holidays!

  8. Absolutely! Very interested in the ribbon and hand made stamps! Please let me know about these upon your return for purchase from you. I do remember your last trip and loved that ribbon! Hope you have a wonderful and safe family trip together!

  9. Normally I would suggest travel interruption insurance, especially with kids, but it didn’t do us much good while I was on my South America book research tour. (Sorry, I think this might have been posted in the wrong place a moment ago.)

  10. Goodies, Oh My! I love the ribbon and would be very interested in the stamp blocks. Picked up a few in Turkey and would love to add more to my collection. Safe travels!

  11. Safe travels! I took my two boys (when they were about the ages of your two) with me to Sweden and by far the hardest adjustment was sleeping (the first week and a half when we were there and then again for the first week we were home), but it was still wonderful. I would love to see kantha quilts in a pop-up shop.

  12. Oh how exciting, Christine! I admire your sense of adventure!

    I meant to comment on your Chicago post a couple of weeks ago . . . my Mom was in Chicago the week you posted, and so I shared it with her. Thanks to you, she visited your favorite shops and loved them!

    Can’t wait to see photos from your trip . . . all the best to you and your family.

  13. Poor little ones will have to get travel vaccinations. Not fun at all for anyone, but absolutely necessary.

    We also have to go in again very soon to complete a series of shots that we decided to spread out because it just became too much all at once.

  14. I will live vicariously through you and your beautiful photos, and will certainly be interested in whatever items you bring back. 🙂 Enjoy this adventure! I can’t wait to hear more.

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