Delhi, an Epic Case of Jetlag and Taking it all in

_MG_5061Here is something they don’t tell you about traveling half-way across the world with kids.  It’s not the 14 hour flight that kills you, it is the jetlag that lasts for days afterward and causes the kids to wake and sleep at all hours of the day and night.  We got lucky- our boys slept for most of the flight, making the traveling leg of our journey shockingly easy.  The real fun started once we landed in Delhi and discovered how many different ways you can pass time from 2am-7am in a hotel room.




_MG_5083I think we finally figured it out, after forcing the kids to stay awake all day yesterday they successfully made it through a night and woke at 7am.  For the first time since landing, we are all feeling a bit refreshed and ready to take on the day.  Not that our bone-crushing tiredness has held us back from exploring.  Oh no- we have already been to a few temples, seen the ruins of the 6th city of Delhi, pushed our way through crowded markets and done a bit of shopping (just wait ’til you see what I’m bringing back!!).








_MG_5051India is such a mixed bag- it’s hard for adults to take in all there is to see, I can only imagine what it is like through the eyes of a child.  Vik is too young to understand most of what he sees, but Vijay is taking it all in and trying his best to process.  He has so many questions, and his emotions have ranged from excited to terrified.  He is a sensitive soul, and the crowds, noise and chaos are hard for him to take.  He also is my little herd dog- he is always wanting the “whole family” together- mama, dada, baby Vik and Vijay.  He loves taking a head count to make sure we’re all together.  So it is very hard for him to see children without mama’s and dada’s, and he is smart enough that I don’t try to sugarcoat the truth.


_MG_5110_2“Where is his mama?” he’ll ask, his eyes wide with sadness.  How do you possibly explain such things to a three year old?  And so we’ve sought out “safe havens”- quiet playgrounds and gardens where the boys can run around and feel safe.  This is all I know how to do.



_MG_5143Delhi is difficult with young children and I must say, we are very much looking forward to making our way to the smaller towns on our itinerary.  The traffic, congestion and noise of Delhi will not be missed.  Yet there is so much to see, and I am trying my best to take it all in with my camera- mostly when the boys are napping, or taking a swim at the hotel.  When I have them with me, I try to focus my attention on them completely- but oh, how hard it is with so much visual stimulation.



_MG_4904For now, my friends, I am wishing you all a blessed and peaceful Christmas.  It is an odd feeling to be so far removed from snow, twinkling lights and Christmas trees, not to mention the loving embrace of our family.  But onward we go, seeking out our next adventure during this wild month!




Your thoughts on “Delhi, an Epic Case of Jetlag and Taking it all in

  1. Wow, blessings to you four on your journey. It is indeed beyond what I personally could handle. Such adventures are only possible for certain types folks and I’ve come to realize that I am not that type. So I thank you for sharing with those of us who are most comfortable here on the sidelines in our comfortable environs.

  2. How wonderful to take your boys to India. I visited your blog hoping to see snow and log fires but instead am reminded of a trip my husband and I made to India about 13 years ago. The flowers, the markets, temples, music, ancient cities – they are a feast for the senses. You are giving your boys a precious gift, I hope the sense of adventure and wanderlust will remain with them all their lives. The world is an amazing place

  3. I love India. I am headed to Delhi next month for work without my kids. Haven’t been there for 5 years. Would love your “Top Ten,” esp including eateries and shops!

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