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We arrived back home over the weekend and it feels so good to be settling back in.  Of course I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t hit the ground running (I just can’t help myself).  For the past few months, I have been working with Squam to develop an online course called Pitch Perfect.  I couldn’t be more excited to share this with you!  When I set out to become a writer 5 years ago I had no long list of contacts, no secret “in.”  Basically, I didn’t have a clue as to what I was doing.  I checked out dozens of books from the library and immersed myself in the art of writing the perfect pitch.  In this online class, I’ll share with you what I learned and how I came to be a published author with 2 book deals and numerous articles featured in top publications.  Most importantly, my writing career has allowed me to stay home with the boys while still pursuing a vibrant and creative career.  I’ve taught this class three times at Squam, and each time it has sold out.  For the first time ever, I’m bringing it online!


In this four week course, I will be teaching the following:

Week One: Introduction to Magazine Writing

Week Two: Diving into the Query Letter

Week Three: Editing and Refining Query Letters

Week Four: Editor Etiquette, Books, Agents and more


And this class isn’t just for writers.  Perhaps you want to see your artwork or photography in print- this class is for you, too!  I do hope you’ll join me and learn to write the perfect pitch- you can sign up now, and the class will begin in May.  That gives you plenty of time to polish your ideas and get them ready for publication.  If you have any questions, leave them in the comment section and I’ll do my best to answer them for you.  And as always, thanks for your support.

Your thoughts on “Pitch Perfect

  1. This sounds perfect.

    Questions: Is the course “present time?” and if so, what time of day? Or can the content be accessed any time within the given week? What kind of operating system requirements, if any, are necessary for access?

    1. Great questions. The content can be accessed at anytime during the month. If you fall behind, the content will stay up for an additional week after the one-month course, so you should have plenty of time to get through everything. There will also be a lot to print out and keep for future reference, as well as a big packet of additional helpful info (which past class participants have LOVED!).

      There is no special operating system- the format is a blog, with embedded videos. In any given week there will be 1-3 videos, and daily written blog content.

      Let me know if this answers your question, or if you have any other questions! Hope to “see” you in class!


  2. ~ I’m dreaming of taking this ama-ZING class. ~ I’m applying for a grant through a small foundation which assists women artists who have had cancer impact their lives. That is me, to a T, and now minus the double OO’s & add a few chemotherapy complications and you have a recipe for a woman artist craving a Squam class with Christine ! ~ Children’s stories, fairy tales, even adult fairy tales & numerous knitting book ideas are favorite themes with my work as fiber artist/ illustrator & writer. When I was a child, the Goddesses of Imagination & Creativity,(they are twin sisters) were always my Pretend Other-World Family, of which I had a very strong connection. (perhaps psychologists these days would say, yeah. a really strong connection, as in does this little girl understand the difference between fantasy & reality ??) Oh, yeah, she did. She just preferred Pretend. Most especially these Goddesses, with their extended family in many Art Realms, have sustained me through several layers of illness in my physical body, yet the Spirit of the Art remains resilient. Knitting, ahhhh,…… knitting & writing, those passions have indeed sustained me. Just a wee ball of wool by my side…………….. a new idea,….bliss.
    It would be a blessing & an honor to experience such a class.
    I’m hopeful & grateful for funding.
    Shell ~

    p.s. The photos of your India & beyond travels are superb !! ~ Oh, la-la-la, the colors, patterns, such brilliant artistes !! Such inspiration ~
    Blessings ~

    1. Oh Shell, thank you for your heartfelt comment. *Fingers crossed* that I see you in class. I know you would add so much to the class dynamics, and I think you would get so much out of it given all of your bubbling ideas and stories!


      1. ~ Yes, Christine, even my kitty has her *paws crossed* for me ! She is a darling, and the best nurse ever. We say she has her PhD in Purr Therapy. Truly, I am so inspired by the beauty of your India travels that I am going to paint every inch of the walls of my old bedroom, now *new* studio ! ~ Originally, the idea was to paint patterns on a wood room divider, now,………I’m going to add India everywhere ! ~ Thank you for your kind encouragement, that means a lot to me. ~
        It seems I am emerging from a long slumber & now the teapot is boiling over with waves of ideas. I loVe-loVe Taproot. *Kudos to your work there !*
        Best in the Winter Faeries season,
        Shell ~

  3. this looks wonderful! i have dedicated this year to getting my photographs into the hands of more editors, and i think this course would be very helpful. my question…with all of the amazing information you will be providing, will you also be available for questions during the course? that is, will there be a venue to contact you directly if we have questions or challenges? thank you 🙂

    1. Hi Kimberly,

      Thanks so much for your comment. I think the class would absolutely be of use to you as you send your photography portfolio to editors- a query letter is simply the introduction to your work, and the more professional your intro, the better it will reflect on you as the photographer.

      The class will be set up as a private blog, with videos, written content, worksheets, and other forms of content every weekday for a month. I will be available for questions and discussions on the blog. I won’t be editing individual query letters- everyone will be paired with a writing partner and we will be editing together as a class, and choosing examples to work through together. Does that answer your question?

      Thanks, and hope to see you in class!

      1. Hi Christine,
        Thank you for your reply! I am so late with mine…the sickness has gotten hold around here.
        I love the pairing of writing partners – I think that will help a lot! I am much better behind the camera than the pen 🙂
        I look forward to ‘seeing’ you in class ~ Kim

  4. Hi Christine,

    I’m new here and very much looking forward to immersing myself in your blog on a regular basis 🙂 I was led to you via Amanda’s blog, “Soulemama” and am wondering if you might be offering this online course again sometime? My current writing project is a little way off from being finished (or ready for a proposal at least) so I would prefer to undergo your course when I am closer to “pitch time”. My little family of 4 will also be traveling abroad throughout April and May (we are Australians and heading to SE Asia) so I’m reluctant to commit to the May date due to those plans. On that note… your India travel tips with 2 young ones was fantastic and very worthwhile advice for me. Thank you. It will be our 1st time taking our 2 babes OS (my husband and I traveled a lot before children – including India and again through SE Asia). Our babes are 6 years and nearly 4 years old so we are all very excited, plus a tiny bit apprehensive for the experience.

    Wishing you much wonder for 2014.
    Xan xo

    1. Hi Xan,

      Thanks so much for your comment. Your upcoming travels sound amazing- it will be trying at times, but so SO worth it. Enjoy!

      As of now, this will be the only time this year I will be teaching it online. There may be opportunities to teach it again in the future, but nothing for sure. I know it would be tough with traveling, so I understand that…but please don’t let the fact that your material isn’t ready hold you back. This course is a great push to finish your writing project, and the information is timeless, so that as soon as you finish your project, your pitch is ready to go!


      1. Thank you Christine 🙂 I’m IN!!!! All paid and booked 🙂 🙂 Your encouragement sealed the deal and I am thrilled and very ready to be a part of it. We will be returning home from our travels on May 13th so my efforts during the 1st week could be interesting but, hey, I’m up for the challenge and the adventure 🙂 I look forward to connecting again in a few months xo

        1. Yahooooo! The good news is that the first week is gentle in terms of workload, and the class doesn’t start until May 5th. I think you will be just fine. Perhaps plan to set aside 30min to 1 hour a night upon your return to get into the class flow and catch up on the first week (that is once you are unpacked and have your feet on solid ground once again!). Safe travels and I will “see” you in May!

  5. This looks like a great class. I would love to join, but am wondering how heavy the course work is each week, or if this is more information heavy, and self-paced. I am due to have my fourth babe right around then so I’ve got to be realistic ; )

    1. Hi Gwynyth,

      I hear you- it can be so hard to fit in something like this while juggling the demands of young kids, not to mention a newborn! The only real homework is writing a query letter- the other stuff is optional, and not as vital to your success in the class. But, there is content to watch/ read/ soak in five days a week. The class will stay live for an additional week (or two) after the last day to allow for catch-up, and many of the most helpful worksheets can be printed off for future use.

      I hope that helps and I’d love to see you in class! Best wishes for a healthy, happy delivery.

  6. Dear Christine
    I’ve been reading and enjoying your lovely blog for some time now and am so looking forward to starting the Pitch Perfect course with you tomorrow.
    See you then!

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