India Pop-Up Shop OPEN!

Screen Shot 2014-01-24 at 1.59.02 PMI promised to bring back some amazing goodies from India and I really hope I delivered on that promise.  I had such fun sourcing for my little shop– I searched through market stalls, scoured tiny alleyway shops, and scored big at the two most amazing stores ever, one in Jaipur, one in Udaipur.  Imagine an old haveli lovingly restored and stocked with a collection of vintage textiles amassed over the past 50 years from abandoned castles, crumbling palaces, and forgotten villages throughout all of India.  I walked in and nearly wept from all the beauty and handicraft on display.  I think it takes a seamstress/ crafter to appreciate it (I can’t say my husband understood my joy!)- each stitch lovingly threaded long ago, the extraordinary color combinations, the quality of the materials.  It was all too much for me!

2014-01-24_0006If you were looking for cheap finds, you won’t see them here.  This is the thing about shopping in India- many visitors go for the cheapy stores.  Pillow cases for $5!!!  Amazing!!  But I can’t do that kind of shopping simply because I have to know that it was made/sourced fairly, the materials used are authentic, and that the artisans were fairly compensated.  I also want to find very unique, possibly one-of-a-kind goods.  And I have a real thing for the vintage stuff (some may call it a weakness!).

_MG_7124_2At the cheaper stores you start seeing the same pillow cases and scarves over and over and over again.  It just gets to be a bit nauseating thinking about where/ how all that cheap, reproduction stuff is made.  So, I hope this explains my shopping philosophy.

_MG_7183Over the weekend I furiously photographed, measured and wrote copy for over 30 carefully selected items.  I tried to keep the photographs very simple so that you get a real view of the product- no fancy styling (not that I know how to do that!).  There is only one of each product (with the exception of the scarves– there are doubles of a few of the colors).  So if you see something you like- jump on it!

_MG_7098And if you have any questions- shoot me an email, or leave it in the comments.  This is my first time attempting a shop and I tried to be as thorough in each explanation as I could, but there is a possibility I left something out.

_MG_7179So jump on over for an eclectic selection of pom-pom scarves, kantha quilts, pillow cases, ceramic knobs, blocks and embroidered ribbon!  Happy shopping!  And for those of you who requested prints of some of my photographs- I’m working on it…but it might be a few months!


Your thoughts on “India Pop-Up Shop OPEN!

  1. Love these! Just purchased two wooden blocks that will be added to my pottery stamping supplies. So excited – thank you!

    1. Thank you so much for your order Jill. I’m carefully wrapping all of your goodies and getting ready to send them on their way!

  2. Was too slow on the ribbon I wanted. Everything is very beautiful. I’m the same way with shopping. I never manage to get the “deals” that other people get because I am picky about quality, and quality always costs more. As it should.

    1. Phae- let me know the ribbon you had your eye on- I might have something similar in my personal stash that I am willing to part with. Maybe, just maybe….!

  3. Yay, I love it all! Beautiful things.
    We recently moved and a dear friend gave us a rubbing of the Buddha’s feet from the statue at the bodhi tree. It is a vibrant yellow and orange and is the root of our living room. These pillow covers (I just ordered two) will be a gorgeous complement. I don’t think I’ll get back to India for a couple of years, so I appreciate all that goes into your finding it and bringing it home – all I could manage was Fabindia! Thank you!

    1. Thank you so much for your order Meg. You chose my two favorites (the two I was most tempted to keep for myself!). They make a stunning pair. I hope you love them- they’ll be on their way to you tomorrow!

      p.s. Oh yes- FabIndia was visited during our trip too, and I did score a cute top! Not all bad!

  4. I absolutely adore the space. It’s just perfect in every way! I love the white walls with all the natural light. And all the pink, and the bunting, and fresh flowers really add such a nice touch. Enjoy this wonderful space. Oh, how I wish I had a space like this to call my own.

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