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_MG_7396Thank you so much for all of your enthusiasm over my India Pop-Up Shop– I’m almost sold out, but there are a few goodies left.  The shop will stay up until the end of the week- so if you have your eye on anything, jump over and grab it!  And now, for a studio tour!  This has been a long time coming, but it was hard deciding when things were finished enough to share.  There are still a few odds and ends to pull together, but for the most part, I’m thrilled with how my space turned out.


_MG_7312_2If you can remember, I gave up my old studio space when Vik was born and it was then that I decided to redo the attic.  It took a few years, but this past summer, while we were visiting my parents in Northern Michigan, we had the attic painted and the skylights added.  It made a huge difference, as you can tell by the before picture.  I decided on a bright white, clean look which I love.  It acts as a blank canvas which allows me to create and brainstorm without distraction.  Above is my Ikea desk, which has room for both my computer/ writing area, and my sewing machine (shown with its cover on- make your own here!).

_MG_7342_2We replaced this window, which really helps to keep in the heat, and makes the space so much brighter!  I love keeping some live plants on the window sill- adds a bit of color and cheer.  Above is one of my two vintage Paul McCobb chairs, which I have recovered multiple times.  I often keep my quilts and handmade stuffed animals piled here for inspiration!  Lots of pink going on!


_MG_7359Next is the sitting area, with my new Ikea chair.  It has a nice high back (which is great for tall gals like myself) and is very comfy for knitting and writing!  I just need to find an ottoman.  I want a cool tufted number that I can reupholster with a vintage quilt.


_MG_7321_2I love bringing fresh flowers into my space…it makes me so happy to make this one place in the house a total girly getaway.  I could never get away with white walls and delicate accessories anywhere else in the house.


_MG_7295_2If you can image walking up the stairs to an attic space with slanted ceilings and skylights- you turn to the right and there is my desk, window and chair, while right in front of you is my Ikea work table which allows me to work standing, and to the left, a few inspiration boards, my ironing board, and an amazing old chest that my mom gave me which now houses all of my treasured handmade possessions, including sweaters the boys have outgrown, old quilts and pillows, the very first quilt I ever made, and various other odds and ends.



_MG_7377I am totally in love with the Ikea rolling drawer unit that I just purchased.  It holds all of my sewing supplies.  Seeing that I am organized (some would say to a fault)- this kind of thing just makes me ridiculously happy.  Everything in its rightful place!


_MG_7372You can see the beautiful patina of my old chest- on top of which I keep a large, shallow basket.  I love to set out beautiful, inspirational vignetes all around my studio- like these block-print, hand-stitched notebooks that I brought back from India, along with a pom-pom scarf and knobs.  I’m planning of having a booth at the Squam Art Fair this June where I will be selling an incredible selection of notebooks, blocks and other fun things from India!

_MG_7367I’ve also been ridiculously inspired by this fabric that I brought back from India by the yard.  I don’t know yet what it will become, but I am brimming with ideas.  I would also be totally happy just wrapping myself in this fabric head-to-toe and taking a nap.  I am that in love with it!

_MG_7392You may be wondering where I keep all my STUFF.  Fabric, books, supplies, baskets of yarn.  I have a little nook behind this curtain where I keep my shelving unit.  It holds all of my crafting supplies.  I would show you more, but this little nook also houses all our baby clothes, luggage, infant car-seats, bassinet…it is kind of a mess!  But it is our only real storage space in the house- and once the curtain drops, you’d never know it was there!  And that’s about it- I can’t tell you what it means to have a space of my own again in which to craft, daydream, write and create.  I don’t get up here as often as I’d like, but knowing it’s there, just waiting for me, brings me such happiness!


Your thoughts on “Studio Tour

  1. Wow! Beautiful. My workspace could definitely use a lot of improvement — I love how uncluttered your space is — but I am just glad that I have a space to sew and write. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous studio!

  2. What an incredible space! I absolutely love rooms painted white (my bedroom at home is painted white) and I can just feel myself calming down and finding inspiration just looking at your work space. I love the bright colours and how organised it all is – so delightful!

    1. Hi Barbara! Would you believe the curtains (and I am guessing you mean the floor-length hanging curtain, not the little window one) are from Urban Outfitters about 10 years ago. I believe they were sold as tapestries, and I bought one in orange/pink and one in green/white (which you can’t see here) and sewed them together to make a thick, light-blocking curtain, which I used in my very first studio apartment in Chicago to separate my sleeping nook from the rest of the place!

  3. Thank you for sharing this space! It is gorgeous. I look forward to seeing what you will make…makes me want to go spruce up my craft space.

  4. This is an incredibly timely and reaffirming post that tells me not to settle for a studio that doesn’t feel 100% inspiring.

    Our recent house hunting tours have been underwhelming in terms of character and design. One property did come very close to being the one, but it still lacked a few key features. Like yourself, I also enjoy lots of natural light to create, imagine, and write my next novel.

    I was hoping to avoid a renovation project, but your studio is so beautiful that I am starting to want it!!!

  5. Hi Christine, I often think about those beautiful tops you sewed for yourself late last year and posted on your blog. It is lovely to see the stunning space you have to make such things in, you are so lucky! And being up there you can work at night without worrying about waking anyone up!

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