_MG_8010It’s finished, and just in time to wear for the next month or so while the weather remains near freezing.  You guys….my first real sweater, with short rows and shaping, and all that good stuff.  I think I might be a “real” knitter now!  I fiercely love this sweater.  It’s slouchy yet fitted, stylish and sexy- which is not easy to achieve with hand knits!  The fit is darn near perfect, and considering I am a disaster when it comes to gauging, this is a true miracle.  I stayed up way too late for a few nights in a row finishing this beauty, and I payed the price each morning.  Funny story- one morning, after getting up at around 6:30 with the boys, I fell fast asleep inside the couch fort we had built in the basement playroom.  While I was sleeping (for all of five minutes), Vijay and Vik moved several couch pillows over to the stairs in order to “trap” me in the basement (Vijay’s words, not mine).  They then proceeded to find a chocolate bar in the pantry and make their way up to my studio, where I found them eating chocolate and hanging out amidst my yarn and fabric stashes.  I couldn’t stop laughing at the irony- I thought I was supposed to be the one eating chocolate and hiding away in my studio.  So much for that….!


Your thoughts on “Antler

  1. Wow, this is really lovely, Christine!

    I’m in the process of finishing my first cardigan (have made tanks, but never a full-on sweater with sleeves), and it is sadly, not nearly as nice. I may have to unravel as you’ve inspired me to make my first one as pretty as possible!

  2. Everything about this sweater is sheer perfection! The colors, the fit, the drape – congratulations on a job done exceedingly well! Any secrets you can share as to how you achieved such perfect fit?!! I couldn’t stop laughing about your boys trapping you so they could hide in your studio and overdose on your chocolate stash! Very smart thinking, boys…you’ll go places in this big wide world!!!

    1. Oh Maureen, how I wish I had a secret to share….but really, it was just dumb luck! I’ve learned that I am a tight knitter (something to do with being tightly wound in general, I suppose!) so I am careful to gauge accordingly. I think that with a sweater like this, and this particular yarn, blocking is a lifesaver! Sorry I couldn’t offer more advice…I am still a beginner with all of this fit stuff.

  3. Perfect!!! Perfect colors, perfect yarn, perfect fit. Hey, this post makes me want to aim for a sweater. Slow knitter that I am, it would hopefully be done before next winter 🙂

  4. Really so pretty – you rock! Thinking of your beautifully white studio with chocolate clad toddlers on the loose made me hold my breath – glad all ended with a laugh!

  5. What a lovely sweater. I’ve been looking for a pattern to knit, might give this one a try. Fantastic the story about “trapping” you in the basement 🙂

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