A Sunny Escape (and a Scout Tee)

_MG_8623What a gorgeous Easter weekend!  We escaped to warmer weather with my parents for spring break and it has been such a lovely, relaxing holiday.  We spent the weekend swimming, dying Easter eggs, eating fresh fish and soaking up those restorative, healing rays that we so missed this winter.




_MG_8597We are renting a gorgeous house in the Dominican Republic, with a pool and ocean views.  The boys are practically sprouting gills during our time here, running from the pool to the ocean and back again.  We’re all plotting our move to warmer weather- one of these days we’ll cash in our chips and head for the ocean, I swear.  I am SO over winter, and it is just a fact that my boys are happier, healthier and much more active in warmer weather (aren’t we all).



_MG_8586Before we left Providence I did two important things:  The first was to finish sewing my Scout tee, which has proven to be an absolutely indispensable addition to my summer wardrobe.  This pattern is amazing, and simple (I highly recommend adding a bit to the back). I will be making many more, to be sure.  The second order of business was a round of summer haircuts.  Although it almost made me weep, I took a razor to the boys heads simply because I was tired of their near-dreaded mass of hair, which always seemed to be harboring bits of food and play dough.  Such a refreshing change!  I also put my long, neglected hair into a ponytail and chopped it off, which is something I have never done before.  The result is a bit messy (and totally sun bleached and chlorine wasted in the pic below), and will need to be repaired by skilled scissors, but I love the change!


_MG_8615My only concern during this gorgeous vacation is that I might be missing the cherry and magnolia blossoms back in Providence.  The day before we left we awoke to a dusting of snow, but who knows what will happen this week.  I’d love a report from New Englanders… how are those beautiful blossoms coming along!?  Fingers crossed there will be plenty of spring beauty left when we get home!  Because while I have come to loathe winter, spring remains one of my favorite times of the year.


Your thoughts on “A Sunny Escape (and a Scout Tee)

  1. I love the Scout tee! I think I could even manage that 🙂 I could see it being lovely in a Liberty print. Enjoy the sun!

    1. You could totally do it, Liza- it is a very well written pattern with clear instructions. I would highly recommend it if you are wanting to dip your toe into sewing your own clothes. It is a great piece to start with, and it would be gorgeous in a Liberty print!

  2. Gah! What a gorgeous place!!! I can’t think of a better way to spend spring break! The tee is gorgeous- I love all the patterns you choose to sew/knit.

  3. Christine, you have the most beautiful adventures! What a glorious vacation.

    Just today we arrived home from Bristol, RI. Yesterday was a bit cool and today all it did was rain. I had hoped to revisit a few places you showed me several years ago but the weather was just miserable. The magnolia trees are all just starting to blossom. Forsythia and daffodils light up properties everywhere. So nice to see them again! There were a few cherry trees just starting to bloom but most had closed buds.

    1. Oh Sharon- lovely to hear from you. Remember what fun we had touring the FarmCoast? I hope you get a sunny day soon where you can poke around and enjoy all the cute shops and beautiful scenery!

      Glad to hear I’m not missing the blossoms- oh I do love spring in New England!

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