Spring Knits (and my knitting dilemma)

_MG_8919Remember when I was lusting after this gorgeous springy cardigan?  I decided to knit mine in the very same yarn the designer used, and I have to say- the yarn is really the most amazing thing about this knit.  Not that I don’t like the cardigan, but it just wasn’t quite as flattering as I was hoping for and the band which runs along the outer edge was so fidgety.  I had to re-do it three times, and although I still don’t love how it falls, I decided to let it go.  Who knows what my problem with this cardigan is- it might be the way it fits my body, or it might be an issue with my gauge (however I didn’t let my lack of enthusiasm for the sweater hold me back from taking pictures- the setting here in the DR is too good to pass up- so please indulge me!  besides, it is not everyday that I have a willing photographer- thanks mom!).




_MG_8974Here’s the thing that I struggle with when it comes to knitting- I am essentially a tomboy at heart.  I love nothing more than throwing on jeans and my favorite perfectly worn gray t-shirt.  Occasionally I glam things up with a dress (always in jersey or cotton!), and if I’m feeling extra stylish I’ll top it off with my favorite old jean jacket and a pair of earrings.  I don’t wear any fussy clothes, never have, never will.  And I realized upon completing this cardigan that I don’t wear cardigans.  Doh.


_MG_9018So far out of all the things I have knit, the Antler sweater is really the only one that fits my style.  I tried knitting some shawls but I’ll be honest, they never get worn.  I do wear the hats that I knit, so there’s that.  But I am having a tough time figuring out what kind of knitted item I would actually wear- another sweater, a knitted tee (already cast on, so here’s hoping)?  Who knows.  You end up spending quite a bit on yarn, so I feel it is important to knit something that will 1) fit nicely and 2) be stylish enough to wear without feeling like a grandma.




_MG_9054“Well why not knit for your boys?” I get asked all the time.  I’ll tell you why.  They never wear anything I make them.  Their style preferences tend toward the cotton side of things- mainly the same soft, worn pair of cotton Gap sweatpants and a t-shirt.  They are completely hopeless when it comes to hand knits.  And they are stubborn- they won’t wear anything that they don’t want to wear- not even to make their mom happy.  Luckily my friend has a baby girl that I can knit for…so there’s that!



_MG_8994In the future, before I get pulled into a knit simply because it looks so cute on the model, I’m going to think about what I really need to add to my wardrobe.  I do think the tee that I’m starting will be an adorable addition to my summer wardrobe, but from there, I’m not sure.  I’m deciding how I’d feel about knitting the same Antler sweater again in a different color combination, but honestly, isn’t part of the fun exploring new patterns?  My goal this year is to learn colorwork, so perhaps I will attempt some cool Icelandic sweater or something of the sort.  Any favorite projects that might suit a tomboy like myself, send them my way!



Your thoughts on “Spring Knits (and my knitting dilemma)

  1. I think your sweater look beautiful on you! And such a great color! I know what you mean about falling in love with a pattern though. I do it all the time and then I realize I don’t really need another sweater or hat or cowl. But I think that’s part of the fun of it. I get to relax and just make what I feel like making. Sometimes I give them to a friend if I think a project suits her more than it does me.
    Beautiful photos as well! Love the photography!

  2. I think maybe practical things or accessories – socks, cowls, dish cloths – are good and then find some other sweaters that have the ease of the one you like but are a little different. Maybe a hoody?

    1. Susan- I love the idea of a hoodie! I’ve also been eying Purl Bee’s Sweatshirt Sweater, as it seems like the perfect thing for a tomboy like myself!

  3. My personal style is very simple but I’ve really enjoyed knitting wide shawls that I can wear as scarves to accessorize. There are so many different styles and techniques to keep it interesting and they are a fun way to knit with colours I would otherwise consider wearing. Good luck!

  4. Hi Christine,

    cute little knit!
    I have a question for you about cloth diapers. Did you use any cloth training diapers, and which one worked well for you? we use bum genius, gdiapers and fuzzibuns now.

    thanks! Jill

    1. Hi Jill- unfortunately, once Vik came along, I bailed on cloth diapers. The sheer amount of laundry was too overwhelming. Now that Vijay is potty trained, I am starting to use cloth once again with Vik here and there. We waited until Vijay was 3.5 to potty train him, which was fabulous because after talking about it and reading about it for a month, he potty trained in a single day and has had maybe a total of 3 accidents. I think with boys, the older the better 🙂 We never used training diapers of any kind- just one day regular diapers, the next underwear!

      1. That’s great! I had gotten good ideas from you about cloth diapering. We have 2 in cloth now and it’s a lot of washing! Thanks! Enjoy your trip! Jill

  5. the cardigan photographs very well- you look amazing, and the DR looks incredible! But I think what you are going through is a very relate-able stage of a knitters life- I recommend that you take a look at your favourite sweater-like things that you already have in your wardrobe, and look for knitting patterns that are similar. Then you know it’ll be something that you will wear. I never wear shawls either!

    1. You are so right, knittedblissjc, and that is a great idea. That’s why I am so tempted to knit another Antler- I love the first one so much!

  6. Hey you! I wrote a blog post about this – the epic number of fails I have had in trying to choose a sweater project ;). I think I have it almost sorted now and have only made things I love for the last year or two.
    “James” would be my pattern suggestion. It is the most worn thing I have ever made. Love the neckline and the shape.

  7. I think it looks great. My problem with cardigans is that unless it is really cold, I am always pushing the sleeves up.

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