Musings on Spring

_MG_9204Isn’t spring glorious?  We arrived home to a city in full bloom.  Elegant old trees bursting forth on every street corner.  I asked my mother if spring in Michigan was this colorful because I don’t remember it being so, and there is still a certain novelty I feel toward spring in New England.  I nearly drive off the road every time I see an abundance of blossoms.



_MG_9196And yet this spring feels different than last.  For one, the blossoms have arrived at a later date and things are moving along rather slowly in my garden.  At this time last year I was already nearing my first harvest of radishes, spinach and lettuce.  This year, the shoots have barely broken the surface.  I’ve also noticed that many of the trees seem to be holding out, still waiting for warmer days.  All of the magnolia are in bloom, as well as the apple blossoms, but many of the most magnificent cherry trees are still budding.  I guess we’re moving rather slowly into spring this year.  One warm day forward, two cold days back.






_MG_9179Oh to return to a city draped in pink.  Aren’t we lucky?  Despite missing grandma and papa something terrible, the boys are just thrilled to continue playing outside.  That’s the problem with going away during the winter months- you come home to snow.  But when you go away in early spring, you return to warm weather and afternoons spent in the backyard.  And thank goodness for that…it certainly helped lessen the blow of reentry into real life.


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  1. I live much further south (in Virginia) and it’s been the same here. My lettuce and spinach are barely sprouting first leaves when they’d normally be quite robust by now. Things seem to be blooming all out of order down here. Not that I’m complaining, mind. It’s gorgeous. Thank you for a tour of your blooms! So lovely.

  2. I knew these photos would be coming and I have been looking forward to them. The combination of the turquoise patina on the lamp post and the pink magnolia is beautiful. Makes me homesick. I am on my way to Baker City to do the grocery shopping for our next llama trip above the Snake river. Last week I took a photo of sheep on the hillside and it actually resembled a picture you posted on Pinterest from Scotland.

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