_MG_0210Oh, Squam… knitting lakeside, late nights around the fire, beautiful yarns to covet, and a spectacular setting in which to relax.  I took only one class, and spent the rest of the time lightly helping Elizabeth (she’s always too concerned about me relaxing to really let me help!) and settling into a quiet rhythm.  Having a bit of time away from the kids and home really gave me a chance to reflect on how busy life has been lately, and to set some new intentions for myself, my family, my work and my creativity.



_MG_0330What I love so much about my yearly pilgrimage to Squam is that in some ways it is always different, and in some ways it remains the same.  This year I enjoyed more solitude, heading off on long hikes, a drive through the winding country roads, and quiet reflective photography walks through the camp.  Sometimes I think this is what I miss most about pre-kid days- long stretches of solitude.  That being said, I missed my little guys- but was excited to find that I had no anxiety about being away from them as in past years.  That extra year really helps- they are each others best friends, so even when I’m away, they still function as such a tight little unit.



_MG_0313I found myself startled by the raw beauty of New Hampshire.  Maybe it was the harsh winter but everything feels so lush and verdant this year.  I found thickets of lavender in an abandoned field during my drive and I stopped to clip as much as I could carry.  The car filled with the rich scent as I wove on through the country roads and it felt, in that moment, that all was right in my world.




_MG_0393And that really is what this Squam was about- everything felt so right.  No one knows how to bring the magic like Elizabeth, and year after year she knocks me off my feet with the heart she puts into each gathering.  The fair, which is held on the last night, was off the charts.  I sold some fun bits from India- and it was really amazing to connect with many blog readers, and textile enthusiasts.  The only downside (or possibly upside!) is that there was little time for shopping.  I did grab one skein of heavenly yarn, and just like that, I managed to bring home with me a little magic.  Inspired by the amazing knitters and artists I had to the pleasure to meet, I find myself eager to dive into a hundred and one new projects- sewing (oh the handmade clothes on parade!) and knitting (oooh did I get some compliments on my Antler– so damn proud of that thing). And so it begins, the burst of Squam fueled creativity.  I’ll ride this high for as long as it will take me.






Your thoughts on “Squam

  1. swoon. oh, holy SWOON…
    looks like Squam was just what the doctor ordered… hallelujah!
    can’t wait to hear what projects you’ve got up your sleeves!

  2. What a delicious sounding break…Sometimes creativity, lake views, misty mornings, wool in hand, time to oneself and handmade clothing do make it all better! I’m so glad you had such a lovely time. All mamas deserve time to ponder and sleep and play. I look forward to seeing your next projects! Love to you this day.

  3. ohhhh GIRL !!! how you rock it. you ROCK it. Thank you for EVERYTHING you did– my god woman, you restrung the lights in my heart! (literally, of course– nothing woo woo here) 🙂

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