Squam in the City

Six years ago, as a brand new, struggling writer, I attended my first Squam.  I was there to cover the weekend for UPPERCASE magazine, and I brought along my mom for moral support.  When the classes and festivities were over, I met Elizabeth at her house on the hill and interviewed her for my story.  A connection was made that has only grown deeper with time.  When she was looking for a new place to call home after leaving New Hampshire, I invited her to spend some time with me in Providence never dreaming that this would be the city where she would choose to move.  Lo and behold, months later, with Vijay, then only a tiny babe, strapped to my chest I waded through knee deep snow to check out apartments for Elizabeth.  Wouldn’t you know the apartment that she ended up choosing (or rather I chose it for her- “we’ll take it” I blurted to the agent, before even asking Elizabeth!), and where she still resides today, can be seen out my front window.


2732023334_4fac2c8847_oElizabeth has fallen hard for this city, as I have since we moved here almost seven years ago.  I am so excited to share that Squam is now coming to Providence, offering an amazing roster of teachers.  Photography walks to capture both the gritty urban side along with the historic, cobblestone streets, perfume making with a local shop owner, mixed media, and historic walks through the neighborhoods of the city.  That doesn’t even touch on the great stuff that will be happening outside of class.  Providence has a world class restaurant scene- the local food movement here is off the hook.



c9445-img_0359In fact, check out what the press has had to say about our little city this year:

WHY PROVIDENCE IS THE COUNTRY’S BEST SMALL CITY: Amazing architecture, great food, wall-to-wall culture — Rhode Island’s capital has it in spades.” – ARCHITECTURAL DIGEST 

“PROVIDENCE is a new destination for food-obsessed travelers as it is “home to one of the nation’s top cooking schools and a thriving restaurant scene.”- New York Magazine


PROVIDENCE, unsurprisingly, has exceptional food, compelling art and architecture, a thriving gay scene and an inordinate number of very smart people. Yet the city remains unpretentious and affordable.” – New York Times

Whatever you’re into, I’d love for you to join us here in Providence.  I’ll be popping in and out all weekend long, and I just know it is going to be a good time.  You can find out more (and register) HERE!


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  1. Oh boy… I think I might be just a little bit in love! AD 1638!!!! Wow! The connection you and Elizabeth share is beautiful.

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  3. No way- Squam in Providence! This might be perfect for me since I can’t yet get “away” with my littlest one so little, yet I’ve been wanting to do this so badly. hmmm…

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