Sleeping Bear Dunes

IMG_4815Ahhh…Northern Michigan.  It’s like a breath of fresh air every summer.  The very freshest air you can imagine.  Our days at the cottage are filled with equal parts relaxation and adventure.  There is a great big yard where the kids can play, soccer nets and a basketball hoop, a beach where they can dig in the sand and a sweet little town just a scooter’s ride down the lane.  There is a living room filled with blocks and trucks, and piles of kids books for rainy day reading.  And, most importantly, there is Grammy and Papa, uncles and friends.  Oh yes, and the adventures- first on our itinerary was Sleeping Bear Dunes, the most gorgeous of National Parks just an hours ride from the cottage.





IMG_2170We spent the day exploring the dunes, running through the sand and dune grass, and enjoying the sweeping views.  Oh yes, and digging, of course.



IMG_2228One of my favorite views is of the DH Day Farm, which shines a pristine white against the rolling hills of grass.  You can see the farm from the top of the Dune Climb- it’s the only piece of civilization you can see, other than that it is all sand and sparkling water.



IMG_4888There is always so much I want to share about Northern Michigan- last year I put together a guide, this year I think I’ll just share the highlights of our time here and I’ll make sure to provide details and links in case you ever fancy a visit.  When I mention I spend my summers here, people in New England kind of give me a funny look like, “How could that possibly compare to Nantucket, Martha’s Vineyard, Cape Cod, Newport…”  And yet I can think of no place in the world I would rather be.










Your thoughts on “Sleeping Bear Dunes

    1. Oh absolutely! It is beautiful, cold, fresh, deep water- there’s nothing like it on a hot day! The lakes are also great for boating, sailing, water skiing, wakeboarding, fishing, all of that good stuff!

  1. I’m from Michigan living in Chicago ‘burbs for the last 25 years. Michigan is still one of my favorite places! You can breathe there!

  2. What a strange and beautiful landscape! You usually have me wanting to make a trip to Rhode Island, but now I’m wanting to take a trip to Michigan.

  3. Welcome to Up North! I live in Traverse City and I see that you visit around here each year~how wonderful! My husband and I are high school sweat hearts who traveled the whole country after we got married just to be sure we wanted to build our lives where we grew up. If you get a chance to see the pretty Michigan stickers (blues and greens) that is my husbands art work turned into a sticker, he works out of our art studio (Never Wonder Studio) in the Slabtown neighborhood, if you head to TC be sure to hit up the new spashpad area at the Clinch Park waterfront, it is just wonderful! (don’t come now though cause Crazy Fest is in full swing-I mean Cherry Festival 🙂 Enjoy Up North!

  4. So happy to know that you are back in Northern Michigan, Christine! Perhaps our paths will cross again this summer! My girls will be at the Leland Art fair on Saturday from 2-4 selling tiny handmade food! 🙂 And maybe we’ll meet your boys this year?

  5. I always crave the sea living so far from it, but I can see the attractions of Northern Michigan, it looks beautiful. And the buildings of that farm simply look stunning.

  6. You had me at the 1st photo AND THEN you go and show me another 20! Now I’m convinced you’re just trying to get me on the next plane US bound 🙂 Happy frollicking, Christine.

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