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u pick flower farmIs July flying by at warp speed, or is it just me?  We’re certainly making the most of our time, savoring every sweet moment of summer.  Looking at these pictures it seems as though we have covered quite a bit of ground in the past week, although it doesn’t feel like we’ve been rushing around.  Just the opposite, in fact.  Plenty of relaxing and downtime mixed in with fabulous day trips.  I stand by this fact wholeheartedly: there is no better place to day trip than Northern Michigan!


_MG_2228My mom and I took a day to tour the Traverse City area, starting with the Sara Hardy Farmers Market in the morning, stopping in The Village at Grand Traverse Commons for coffee and treats, and eventually winding around to the most amazing organic tea farm, Light of Day Organics.  We tasted a flight of teas and wandered the tranquil property feeling as though we had found the very best secret garden in the whole world.  A garden bursting with healing herbs, fruits and tea plants.



_MG_2247From there, we traveled along the winding country roads until we reached Leland and Suttons Bay, two charming towns with fabulous shops and eateries.  There was a vintage car show in town and I believe I found my next summer cruiser (perhaps better suited for a time when we don’t require two ginormous car seats).


_MG_2281While trying to find an herb farm we only knew by memory, we happened upon Tandem Cider, a hard cider operation with the loveliest of gardens.  We stopped for a glass and a wander through the gardens before continuing on, and my mom and I remarked that “this is the thing about Up North- you never know what little gems you’re going to stumble upon.”


_MG_2301Oh but the icing on the cake…the very best part of the day?  We happened upon a u-cut flower farm on the way to Suttons Bay, Omena Cut Flowers U-Pick Flower Farm.  It was the most magical place, rows of gorgeous flowers for sale by the stem, and a charming farmstand offering mason jars and scissors.  As we were finishing up with our bouquet, we had the pleasure of meeting the owner, Carolyn and we were able to learn about her farm, and her passion for providing people with the experience of cutting their own flowers.  She had so many great things to say about Suttons Bay, including a glowing report of the local school system, where she sent her kids from pre-k through to high school.  As if our gorgeous day trip wasn’t enough to convince me of a Northern Michigan move, the idea of a fabulous school system and a flower farm right down the road has me sold!


flower farm

Your thoughts on “Up North Day Tripping

    1. oh yes, let’s start a u-pick flower stand in our spare time!! 🙂 don’t worry, we’re not going anywhere for a while! miss you!

  1. Ok, so the 1st photo is gorgeous, but the 3rd to last is the one that stole my heart. A long while ago I wrote a little list of my favourite things… this photo includes no less than 4 of them! White linen line drying in the sun fills me with so much goodness. It’s the simplest of beauties. Does this mean your going for the move?

  2. My profile pic on facebook is at the Omena Cut Flower garden 🙂 my husband and I went on a date there recently, such a lovely place! If you have any questions about our area my husband and I both grew up here (Traverse City) and we would be happy to provide insight! We currently live in the downtown TC area and love it! Enjoy your time Up North!

  3. I don’t know you apart from reading your blog which I enjoy immensely, so why do I feel this is any business of mine, it isn’t, but a word of advice. Summers and vacation are such lovely times, there is nothing better than a Scandinavian summer, which is where I’m from, winters are totally different. So I would really recommend spending time in winter up there before you contemplate a move. Even though I can understand the allure of moving closer to family and good schools.

    1. Wise words, Helen. Yesterday was a cold, rainy day here and this doubt crept into my mind, “I wonder what this place is like in the cold, dark, dead of winter. So yes- we’d have to spend some time here before making the move.

      It will be a while though- Providence has us for another couple years, I’d guess!

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