First Day of School

_MG_4597Oh my goodness you guys, this picture is everything.  My heart bursts open in a million pieces when I see it.  A million, trillion pieces.

This is my boys to a T.  That is Vijay’s nervous smile, while Vik is just super excited thinking he is going to school along with his brother.  The socks and Crocs look is 100% my boys- nothing but high fashion around these parts.  Vijay loves shirts with construction and the phrase couldn’t be more fitting- “One Man Wrecking Crew.”  I wish I could tell you every detail of his first day of preschool- it was one part tragedy, one part comedy.  But we all made it through mostly unscathed, and I have to say, Vik and I had the best little mama/son date during the time Vij was at school, though he kept asking about Vijay.  “Vijay crying?” he kept wondering.  He was very worried about his brother.  Today was the second day of school, and my husband rode with him to school.  They made it halfway, then I had to pick them up because Vijay was tired and needed a snack.  Oh these boys…they are too much.  I’m sorry if this post is a jumble of thoughts- I am running to pick up Vijay from school, and packing for Squam (I leave later today), and I am still processing all my mother emotions.  But I wanted to stop in and wish everyone a wonderful weekend.  I hope the first week back to school was smooth for everyone, or at least a bit smoother than ours.  We’re getting there, though!  It’s a process, right!?  Right??



Your thoughts on “First Day of School

  1. Hi Christine,

    A beautiful sharing about your two Vs. My A is 25 and this photo of him and Maizie walking in our friends’ Palisade orchard evokes a similar feeling. They walk away, sometimes for a longish time. . .but they walk back. (Hmmm, guess I cannot post the photo here but you can imagine ;-)). Thanks for sharing your heart with us. . .Steph in CO

  2. Hi Christine,
    Half of you wants them to strike out and start finding their independence and the other half of you just aches. Thank you for sharing, they are two wonderful little boys. x

  3. Oh! Such gorgeous boys. And you are right… it is a process and it will get smoother. Gee I was a mess when it was Evie’s time and not that much better when Noah stepped out, but perhaps a little more seasoned and emotionally prepared. Wishing you a most wonderful weekend at Squam, you lucky lady! xo

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