Squam and Coming Home

_MG_5118Life seems to be racing by at lightening speed these days.  My husband and I are a bit like ships passing in the night.  Big things are happening, thrilling things…but it is tiring to keep up the pace.  I’m excited for fall.  It feels like things will be settling into place a bit and I am looking forward to crisp days and cool nights.  This past weekend was a delicious preview of fall, as the leaves were just beginning their change, and the air was chilly and sweet with the smell of damp earth.




_MG_5047Squam was gorgeous, as always, but I wasn’t in the right frame of mind to sink in and relax.  Instead I kept myself busy, taking pictures, touring the surrounding towns and selling my wares at the fair on Saturday.  I didn’t have the brain power needed to take classes this year, though if I had, I surely would have taken Ann Wood’s class and made my own sweet little mushroom.





_MG_5469I drove back Saturday night, which was crazy since it was raining hard and I didn’t get home until after 1am.  But I was ready for a relaxing Sunday at home, and I needed family time.  Do you ever get that panicky feeling, thinking about your sweet little ones tucked into their beds far away and think- “Okay, I need to get on home.  NOW.”?  Home…it has been on my mind a lot these days.  I am learning that for now, it simply means wherever my family happens to be at the moment.  It may not be the perfect physical house in the perfect town…but if I’ve got my people, I’m all good.





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  1. I’ve woken up tired and somewhat cranky today and all I want to do is hang out in that tipi with my people, some books and a picnic basket full of delicious food. Knitting and stitching, laughing and laying ALL DAY! Oh, that would be true medicine for my soul. I’m going to make that happen. Maybe not today, but very soon, that’s certain. Thanks, Christine, for your authentic words and beautiful images, as always. xo

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