A Night Away

_MG_5690This past weekend my husband and I went to Vermont….ALONE….WITHOUT THE KIDS.  Just for a night, but still, it was our first time ever being away from them as a couple.  We drove through picturesque towns, stopping for coffee, to take in the sights, or grab a bite to eat.  We had no real agenda, except to explore.  We have both been incredibly busy lately, and we felt like we needed to connect, to sit down to a leisurely dinner, and talk late into the night about our hopes and dreams for our little family.




covered bridgeOf course, it helped that we were blessed with the most beautiful fall weather complete with crisp misty mornings and vibrant changing leaves.  We discovered the charming town of Grafton, VT and it stole our heart with its quaint New England charm.  Deerfield and Northhampton were also on our itinerary, both fun towns to explore.



_MG_5607It was perfection, and we both came back invigorated and full of energy to tackle some of the challenges that life has been throwing at us lately.  Tending to your marriage when you are busy with two toddlers can be tough, but it is so important.  I think our overnight was a good reminder that every now and then, it is good to step away and rekindle the romance.  However, we found ourselves racing home in order to tuck our boys in the following night, laughing at how badly we were missing their rambunctious ways.  I guess we can only take the relaxation and quiet for a day or two before we’re ready to dive back into the madness!




Your thoughts on “A Night Away

  1. These pictures are so beautiful! One of my dream trips is to visit the Northeast in fall. I’m glad y’all were able to get away for a day.

  2. Oh, an overnighter with just the two of you! Heaven!!! Well done for taking that much needed time. My husband and I are celebrating 17 years (!) next weekend (that’s counting from when we first met and became a couple – not our wedding anniversary). We’ve organised a date night – not quite a weekend away, but quite time with each other all the same. It’s been such a while since our last date, we can’t wait and, as you say, it is SO important. Your weekend in Vermont looks breathtaking – seriously I could plan my whole US itinerary around your travel log 🙂 xo

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