_MG_9309Chicago has had a hold on me for years, ever since I left it for Providence back in 2005.  Returning annually for Thanksgiving has always been bittersweet.  I always take a stroll past my old apartment, and the various places I waitresses, and I take an El ride since I probably spent more time on that damn train than anywhere else in the city.  This year was different- I had a great time exploring the city, but honestly it didn’t pull me back in at all.  Perhaps I’m simply growing up, or perhaps I’m done romanticizing my early twenties.  Or…most likely, I’ve settled into a happy place once again with Providence.  Whatever the case, I was happy to come back home, happy to drive the familiar streets while dropping Vij at preschool, and practically ecstatic to grab a coffee from Blue State, where the barista knows just how I like it.  All that being said…back to Chicago.  It was great fun, even if it was freezing cold and the kids preferred swimming in the hotel pool over every other activity!





_MG_9291We didn’t do as much as I had hoped, mainly due to the freezing temps and the fact that both boys caught a cold and pretty much wanted nothing to do with anything besides the hotel hot tub!  But I did get out for a few naptime walks, where I took in a few of my favorite sites and shops.  Above is the ceiling in the Chicago Cultural Center, which is simply breathtaking.  Worth a stop if you’re in the Millennium Park area.  A few other favorites include P.O.S.H. (an adorable, eclectic shop that goes all out for Christmas), A New Leaf (the most amazing floral shop I’ve ever come across), and Heritage General Store (a hybrid between a coffee shop and bike repair shop).  I tend to visit the same places every single year, and could probably use a few recommendations to spice things up.  Does anyone have cute shops/ great restaurants/ fabulous coffee shops or other cool things to recommend in Chicago.  To try and find a concise guide to this stuff online is like panning for gold, and whose got that kind of time!




_MG_9342(all of the above are from A New Leaf)



_MG_9196(all of the above are from P.O.S.H.)



_MG_9412(and obviously the above are from Heritage General Store)



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  1. How I love your photographs and the virtual tours they offer me. That ceiling at the Chicago Cultural Center is incredible and it looks like I could get lost for many an hour in those shops – especially P.O.S.H. Oh my! Definitely not a place for little ones with fiddly fingers – at least not my two little darlings anyway.

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