Martha’s Vineyard

_MG_9883I found myself making the quick trip to Martha’s Vineyard this weekend to work on a few last minute details related to Little Bites.  It was bone-chilling cold when I arrived, after having been delayed for a few hours because it was too windy for the ferry to embark.  After working through the afternoon, we began losing the light at 3 o’clock.  I had forgotten how early the dark comes during these winter months.  By 4 o’clock the sun was setting, igniting the sky and dancing over the churning waves.  I quickly made my way out to the end of the island to capture the sunset against the working docks of Menemsha, a small fishing village.  I love the patina of the worn fisherman sheds, and the way the boats and all their rigging look against the setting sun.  I tried so hard to capture the way the sunset lit each surface with a different light ranging from pink to twilight blue.  But I’m not sure you can really capture the sunset and the light as seen with your eyes.  The raw wonder of it all is a bit lost in translation….  It will most likely be quite some time before I see this Island again…work on the book is just about done, and it will be off to the printer soon.  I will sorely miss my seasonal weekend escapes to this breathtaking place.  It’s so nice to slow down every now and then…if only for a sunset.








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  1. Martha’s Vineyard looks and sounds like a fantastic place. The 4th picture really does show the wonderful glow of a sunset – and it’s reflected in the windows in the house behind it. 🙂

  2. Beautiful pictures Christine! Sounds exciting about your new book, and good luck with all the finishing touches in the midst of your mothering, creating, living, and breathing!

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