brothersTwo weeks ago we moved Vik’s crib into Vijay’s room.  The boys have been asking to share a room for the past few months, and with everyone having established solid sleep habits, we decided to give it a shot.  It has been one of the sweetest things I have witnessed as a mother.  Once I tuck them both in, I often stand outside their door for a few minutes and listen to their conversations, which mostly revolve around potty humor.  It usually takes at least two or three warnings before they finally settle in and fall asleep- first they have to chat, then they toss things from the bed to the crib, occasionally we hear the patter of little feet as Vijay sneaks out of bed to grab more books or retrieve a pillow he tossed at Vik.  When they hear us coming up the stairs to tell them to quiet down, they dive under their covers and hide, giggling non-stop.

The truth is that these boys have a special relationship.  It’s as close-knit as I’ve seen between siblings, and I think that is due to two things: being so close in age and always being together.  It’s also due to their personalities; Vijay loves being a big brother and has never, not even once, displayed signs of jealousy towards Vik.  He seemed to understand as soon as Vik was born that his job was to be an older brother, and take care of him.  He takes that job seriously.  Vijay started school this past fall, and only attends two mornings a week.  So other than that, the boys are always, always together and have been since the moment Vik was born.  I’m not great at organizing playdates or meeting up with other moms- we kind of make our days up as we go.  We are always out and about, at the children’s museum, library or gymnastics, but it’s always the three of us, which means the boys have become their own best friends.  Things will be changing soon enough as Vijay’s school days ramp up next year, and Vik starts preschool.  My emotions are running high these days as it feels like we are nearing the end of an era.  I’ve been at home with the boys for over four years now and that might be changing in the near future as well.  Things are shifting- it is all good- but I’m holding on to this time we have together, appreciative of every moment, even the frustrating and tiring moments.

The boy’s room is a work in progress- it’s very simple, just Vijay’s bed, Vik’s crib, a small shared dresser, and a bookshelf.  I’d love to get bunk beds once they are big enough- I know they’d have a blast with that.  But for now…it is perfect.



P.S. For those of you in other parts of the country flaunting pictures of blooming trees and bright sunny skies, I’m going to need you to cut that out.  Here’s a little snapshot of what we’re enjoying here on the East Coast.  I know….life isn’t fair, but do you have to rub it in?  🙂  We had another epic snowstorm last week, though this weekend the sun peeked through and started melting the snow.  Though we’ve got a long way to go until spring.






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  1. My boys have stayed close throughout their childhood. Watching their warm hug when the older one returns from college warms my heart. Yet the separation has been hard – but such a gift to have a close brother.

  2. I remember a post from a couple years ago expressing a bit of an overwhelmed feeling at the thought of two so close together. I remember responding with a rare comment about my own experience with my to girls who are 18 months apart. They are so close and have always been wonderful companions. It just gets better even with them being in different schools. My oldest is in kinder and youngest in pre-K. They look forward to seeing each other everyday & sharing their experiences. They still get several hours a day, are learning to snowboard together and they play and are on the same sports teams. The long days at home were wonderful and I do miss them at times, but I really think the parenting gig keeps getting better. Plus it’s awfully nice to rediscover more “me time.”

  3. Oh my goodness, which bit do I comment on first…? Those boys of yours… oooww, and the conversations and shenanigans they’ll get up to in that shared room of theirs… oh they are making their adult memories right now 🙂 My two are a brother and sister pair and a little farther apart in age than Vik and Vijay but, like you, I’ve been at home with them since day one and I’ve never been a hot shot for organising playdates or meeting up with other mums. We tend to favour the ‘make it up as we go’ strategy as well so they have had years of being as tight as tight. With Evie now at school and Noah at kindy, they miss each other very much and make the most of any and all days they are together. Noah words to me last week were “Mum, I can’t wait until next year when I’m at school”, I asked why, “… because then I get to see Evie every single day”. I didn’t say anything, I couldn’t, I just gave him the most ginormous squeeze instead.

    You’ve totally made me eager to hear what news you hold that may bring you out of home??? And I fully appreciate how ready you are for those warmer rays from the sun, but since snow is such a novelty for me, I do find those pics of yours enchanting. We have just got back from a few days away so a quick heads up if you’re popping over my way… I am flaunting pictures that will rub it in just a little more xo

  4. Loved your post! I’m also a mother to two boys who happen to be about 21 months apart. Your idea about sharing a room has given me some good ideas! And the potty humor seems to be a theme with my two as well. The boys and I were home together until my oldest began kindergarten last year. I wouldn’t have traded those years for anything!

  5. Two brothers. Such a wonderful bond they already share and it really will last a lifetime. My two boys shared a room, then bunk beds, and finally had their own rooms as young teens. They chose the same college (not in our area) and had two years together there to become adult friends without parental presence. Now they are new papas and are raising their littles in the same rural town about 4 hours from our city. They have Saturday night family sleepovers and take turns making dinner and breakfast. When the littles go down at 7:30, the bigs stay up late and play games. You have lots to look forward to, Christine!

    1. Thank you so much for all of your comments- each and every one of them warms my heart.

      Cynthia- the adult relationship that your boys have is something that I want so badly for my two. What an incredible, special bond they must share…and how lucky are their wives and kids to be a part of that and have such tight-knit family support! Thank you so much for sharing.

  6. Christine, your boys remind me of mine who are 17 1/2 months apart, and now 33 and 32. Our guys grew up like yours & previous commenter, Cynthia’s boys, best friends all the way through college and early jobs. They’ve now moved far away from us and from each other to separate states, although, it gives all of us great traveling opportunities. I adore the times when we are all together! Watching and hearing all their past, present and future stories. Boys are a joy to raise.

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