_MG_2609I figured it was about time to try my hand at testing a pattern.  It feels like a Ravelry rite of passage.  So when I saw this adorable sweater, accompanied with a call for test knitters, I jumped at the chance to give it a whirl.  I found that I liked being given a deadline.  It kept me focused and excited to see this knit take shape.  The resulting sweater is the cutest darn thing I have ever knit.  The bobble pattern gives the sweater a vintage feel, like something your great grandma might have knit for your grandma.  You know, old school in the very best way.  Since I have no little girl of my own (boo hoo!), I continue to knit a rather embarrassing amount for my friend Sarah’s daughter.  Most people would probably ask me to back away slowly from my needles…but Sarah understands that all the cutest knits are for little girls and that I just can’t help myself!  Vijay wanted to know who this sweater was for, and when I told him Emily, he said, “Mom, I guess I would wear a sweater you made if it had something really, really cool on it.”  It was like he was humoring me.  Can you imagine?  Four years old and he’s already humoring his poor old mother.




Your thoughts on “Gretel

  1. Ha! Like a firetruck (on his sweater)? What a beautiful sweater and such a sweet little girl. It looks like she likes it too. 🙂

    1. Yeah right…I always remind him of the fire truck…to which he replies, “I don’t really love fire trucks. But a digger would be cool.” Dream on kid 😉

  2. how lucky little em is… seriously- YOU ARE AMAZING. the sweater is, indeed, perfection. and, funnily enough, she’s wearing it today! paired with a little quilted vest. hoping to get an instagram shot for you 😉
    if this little bean is a girl, she’ll be lucking out in the hand-me-down department, that’s for sure!

  3. Homemade sweaters are the best!! My Nanny knitted all my sweaters and blankets for me when I was a baby and little girl….my daughter has since used them. Love the sweater you made and what a precious little girl!!

    1. Thanks Lynn…isn’t she precious?! And I love that your hand knits have been passed down for generations. That’s the beauty of handmade.

  4. UM, yes. As mentioned above, I wanted to chime in here and say, THE NERVE of that kid 😉 !!! Did he not remember the most amazing fire truck sweater you made?! I think I said it before, but that thing should be framed! I am sure the whole ordeal will be a treasured family story and heirloom and when he gets older he will really really appreciate it 🙂

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