A Basics Tank and Alice Top

_MG_5022Before leaving for Squam I revved up the sewing machine and made myself a few new tops.  I have been on a bit of a losing streak with my handmade attempts lately- a Scout tee that was way too short and totally unflattering, and a sweater that might very well get ripped out and re-purposed.  I’m happy to announce that with the Basics Tank and Alice Top I successfully overcame my slump.  In fact, these might be two of my most favorite handmade tops to date.

_MG_5018While at Squam, Kellen, Felicia and I took a little drive through the beautiful countryside trying to find the perfect backdrop where we could photograph some of our handmade wardrobe.  This weathered gray barn was pretty much the most perfect backdrop ever.  If there had been a way to tow it home behind my car, believe me I would have.  I need a weathered barn in my life!


_MG_4974I didn’t alter the Alice Top at all, and it fits perfectly.  I was a bit nervous about the shoulders- I was concerned they might stick out oddly and end up looking like shoulder pads.  I didn’t use interfacing, and I think this is key to allowing the shoulders to drape nicely.  When I make my next Alice I might drop the neckline slightly- it is a bit high for my liking.  Other than that- this is an amazing top and an extremely well written pattern, though it was challenging for a seamstress of my level.  The fabric I used is from Nani Iro’s Spring 2015 line of double gauze.  The Basics Tank, on the other hand, is a very simple pattern which easily allows you to lengthen the tank.  I added an extra two inches to the tank, and I am really happy with the length.  I am in love with the Kokochi Double Gauze that I used…it is a dream to wear. If you are looking for some fun summer sewing, I’d highly recommend these two!  Now tell me….what’s currently on your sewing table?

IMG_3673*all photos by Kellen, except for the last one, which is by Felicia…thanks girls!

Your thoughts on “A Basics Tank and Alice Top

  1. Beautiful tank tops! I love both equally and could see myself wearing either around the farmyard!! I wish I enjoyed sewing, but, I think it’s because I don’t understand my sewing machine??

    I also agree about the weathered gray barn!!! It looks like it’s being used/functional (versus abandoned) since ‘I Spy’ a meter box in one of the photos. I LOVE barns too!!

  2. Both tops are great. They look wonderful on you and your sewing seems perfect. I am going to attempt shorts for my grandchildren. This may seem like a simple project but since they both live across the country fitting is the problem. We will see……

  3. So beautiful. I have been really inspired by your clothes making and I definitely want to try these patterns since I need some new tops for summer. Now I just have to find the time for another project….

    1. Ha, my thoughts exactly!!!! e, are you telling me she is not aware of this!?!!! C.H.R.I.S.T.I.N.E…!!!!! Do I have to get on a plane and tell you myself? Hooly dooly woman, you are smokin’ (hot) xoxo

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