_MG_5468It’s a bit like a dream, this gorgeous Southern town.  Spanish moss hangs thick from the trees, shrouding the city in mystery.  The weather is hot and humid, the air buzzing with a chorus of tree frogs and locust.  It feels different from anywhere I’ve been before and I can honestly say that this town is a photographer’s dream.  There’s something to see around every corner- beautiful old homes, elaborate wrought iron fences and balconies, statues, parks and fountains.  My mom and I touched down in Savannah on Sunday evening and I think we’ve hit up every spot I had on our itinerary- every cute shop, every great restaurant, every historical site.  I’d love to share a few of my favorite things with you…



_MG_5842The homes around the heart of Savannah are truly breathtaking.  We are staying at Mansion on Forsyth Park, and our favorite streets to wander are all right around our hotel.  I love the details- the colors, the front porches, the wrought iron embellishments.  This is hands-down my favorite part of Savannah- the architecture of the homes.  If you do nothing else, grant yourself a few hours to just wander the neighborhoods.









_MG_5861Savannah is also a town known for its food scene.  We have had the most amazing meals while we’ve been here.  Clearly, having only been here for a few days I am no expert, but I did put a ton of research into our itinerary, and everywhere we went, I would ask the locals for their recommendations.  One lady asked where we had been already, and when we named the restaurants, she exclaimed “You’ve hit all the best!”  A few of our favorite stops have included…


_MG_5641Back in the Day Bakery: the baked goods are just insane, and the sandwich menu is also really good.  We had a Farmwich, which was chock full of great veggies, butter bean spread and cheese, and we split a Key Lime Pie Bar and Chocolate Chip Cookie- insane.

_MG_5632The Florence: Best meal I have had in years.  Years.  Go here…order the vegetable platter.


_MG_5483The Collins Quarter: Great breakfast- the ricotta pancakes were amazing, and the dish above, The Local Catch was such a fabulous and inventive breakfast dish.  Great coffee too!

Other fabulous eats that we tried:

We didn’t make it to these places, but everyone confirmed that they are great:



_MG_5528And of course we made time for shopping.  There are so many sweet little independent shops in Savannah, many along the main street, Broughton, but many tucked along the side streets as well.  A few of my favorites included:


_MG_5770There are so many things to see and do.  I’ll readily admit that I’m not one to enjoy historical tours and such- I really squirm when I’m stuck in a group being shuffled from place to place.  I’m sure we missed many of the “official” historical homes and such, but we really enjoyed the ones we saw.  Above is the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist: A stunning church near the center of town.

_MG_5559Forsyth Park: The iconic Savannah fountain is located here, and the park itself is always full of activity; pick-up ultimate Frisbee games and kids playing at the playground.  Also, a walk down Bull Street will wind you around many of historic squares.  The homes around the squares are beautiful, and usually the squares have a statue or fountain in the middle.


_MG_5702Wormsloe Historical Site: The archway of living oaks is one of the most enchanting things I have ever seen.  It is hard to capture its magic with pictures- it really is something you just have to experience.  You have to drive here- it is a bit outside of town- but it is absolutely worth the time and entrance fee.  Walk through the pathways and down to the water’s edge.



_MG_5609Bonaventure Cemetery: Hauntingly beautiful and worth spending a few hours here to reverently walk through the sprawling grounds.

_MG_5848We’re off on our next leg of the trip.  We thought our little bed and breakfast was close to the Blue Ridge Mountains, but it looks like we may have miscalculated things.  We’ll see when we get there! ‘Tis always an adventure.


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  1. I have lived in Richmond for four years and Savannah is one of my top places I want to visit. I am not one to take tours and enjoy exploring new places at my own pace. I will have to keep this post for a future visit with your recommendations. Your photographs are beautiful and make me want to visit Savannah even more!!
    Enjoy the rest of your travels with your Mom!!

    1. Thanks Lynn! You should really make a weekend trip- I found three days in Savannah to be perfect- just the right amount of time to squeeze in everything we wanted to do/ see/ eat!

  2. What stunning images. I’m a sucker for gorgeous architecture (and just spent a lovely afternoon in Newport, RI taking photos of every house I loved), so this was a real treat. Enjoy the rest of your trip!

    1. If you love gorgeous homes, you would love Savannah, Abby! You’ll have to make the trip- and I hear that Charleston, SC is gorgeous as well. I’ll have to save that for next time!

  3. Thanks for sharing all this… your visits to these amazing places and relationship with your mom. How special. I know I can speak for many who would love to have such a relationship with our own mothers.

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