Eve’s Immie Tee

_MG_5420A few weeks ago, my friend Sarah welcomed her little girl, Eve into the world.  We all know how I feel about baby girl knits, so you can imagine my delight at being given the chance to knit something special to welcome this sweet summer babe.  I decided on the Immie Tee, which I have had my eye on for years.  It seemed like the perfect light knit to slip over a onesie during the summer months, and then later on in the fall, layer over a long-sleeve tee.  Although Eve is just a wee thing, I knit the 9 month pattern, thinking she would have more time to wear it.

_MG_5403I absolutely love how it turned out, and I must say I was thrilled with how quickly it knit up.  It took me a little over a week.  And that is counting the rows I had to rip back when I messed up the lace pattern 😉  You can check out the details on Ravelry here.

_MG_5407Although this knit is super sweet on the hanger, I simply can’t wait to see it on Eve.  She’s a beauty, just like her mama.  And there is simply nothing sweater than a newborn in knits.

_MG_4468On a separate note, I hope all my American friends had a wonderful long weekend.  We celebrated the 4th with family in Northern Michigan and it was perfect.  Now we’re getting ready to sink into a long sweet month at our family’s cottage.



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  1. I am reading your blog after a while and don’t know what post to comment on first! Um, amazing. This is gorgeous!!

  2. That lace pattern is stunning! So is the colour of the yarn. I’m about to start the lace arms on my sweater and am rather apprehensive. I’ve only ever done lacework once before… on a shawl which, after years of being left unfinished because it required too much focus, got cast off early and became a head scarf thingy with a little button fastening. What’s your best method for ripping? I’m sure I do it the hardest way and practically hyperventilate every time! xo

    1. Thanks Xan! Ripping back was one of the biggest hurdles I had to overcome as a knitter. I used to panic every time I made a mistake because I didn’t know how to rip back. As a loosey goosey rule I would say that if you are ripping back 2 rows or less, then do it stitch by stitch (it takes forever but the chances of dropping a stitch are less). If you are ripping back more, than take the project off your needles and slowly and carefully rip it back (I still panic when I have to do this, especially when lace is involved, but practice makes perfect). When all else fails, find a better knitter and have them help you (I still do this all the time!!).

      1. Thanks Christine 🙂 We’re heading to Queensland in a couple of days so I’ll be tackling my sweater arms up there whilst soaking up some sun. Fingers crossed for my lacework and no ripping! Yikes xo

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