Home Again

_MG_3772In past years I have gone through a mourning period upon returning home from Michigan.  This year it felt good to be home, and that, my friends, is HUGE.  I have struggled for years to accept Providence as my home.  I have always enjoyed this city, but it always felt like a semi-permanent residence, despite the fact that we own and love our home and have found a great community.  But this was the year where it all fell into place, and I worked really hard on adjusting my thinking to view my city in a positive light, despite its issues.  Because let’s face it…there is no such thing as a perfect place.




_MG_7410Upon returning home the first thing we did was pay a visit to our farmers market.  Oh how I’ve missed our market.  We are in the middle of some major kitchen work (more on that later) and so I was limited in what I could buy since we are without a place to cook for the next two weeks.  So basically we just bought a ton of fruit and ate it all day long!  The following day the boys and I drove to the Cape to help my friend Sarah celebrate her daughter Emily’s birthday.  It was the loveliest party and I was once again blown away by Sarah’s creativity.  Would you look at those cupcakes and cookies?  She made it all, even down to the starfish hair clip (embellished with french knots) in Emily’s hair.  Although we are already midway through August, summer still feels delicious and although we ache for the lake, and miss my parents terribly, it sure is good to be home.






Your thoughts on “Home Again

  1. I can definitely relate your, former, feelings about not quite feeling at home where one lives. I don’t live in my country of birth, where we live is not bad by any means, but I don’t feel at home here, but I do like our house and the garden and what we get up to in our spare time. Happy to hear you feel at home in Providence now, it does sound like a lovely place. And those starfish cakes look amazing.

    1. Hi Cynthia…that is a great question, and one that we’ve asked ourselves as well. It is complicated, but honestly it boils down to the network that my husband has in the area. It is invaluable to him at this start-up stage of his career. I think in 3-5 years we can reevaluate. Also, it is funny, but when we think about leaving now, after seven years, we realize how much we would miss about this town!

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