The Whirlwind of Fall

_MG_9066After such a leisurely summer, fall has taken us by storm.  We are adjusting to a new school schedule, a new job that takes me out of the home for 15-20 hours a week, a traveling husband and a calendar filled to the brim.  In the coming weeks we’re celebrating the wedding of my brother, along with Vijay’s 5th birthday, and the wedding of one of my best girlfriends.  Whew.  And that’s just October!   Busyness has been on my mind, and I am really pondering how best to strike a new rhythm to our days now that I am working out of the home.  This has meant crock-pot recipes galore, asking for help when I need it, and trying to accept that there will not be as much time in my week for creative endeavors.  Everything in life has its season and I think we are heading into a busy season, one that will stretch us to new heights, and teach us to appreciate our quiet moments together when they come.  I’m learning to embrace the new challenges and rise to the occasion.  In the midst of all this newness, I headed to Martha’s Vineyard this past weekend to celebrate an old friendship.  Her wedding is coming up in a few weeks, and I planned a girls’ weekend away so that we could all celebrate the bride.  The weather was exquisite, the meals delicious, and the company even better.  I should have snapped a million more pictures, but as part of this new phase I’m learning that sometimes it is just as important to be in the moment and allow the beauty to exist in the mind’s eye alone.  Here are a few snippets to share…  Fall is most definitely in the air.








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  1. Wow! What a beautiful place! I too am learning to have grace with myself/my life and accept that there are seasons that maybe don’t feel as exciting or fun as others. However, there is always that nagging thing in the back of my mind trying to guilt myself into thinking I should be trying to add many other things to my already too full schedule. I think the busyness is just a fact of life sometimes, but other times, I find it beneficial to stop and eliminate things so that I can take a close look at what’s really important to me – to see what I want to add back or just keep eliminated altogether. All that to say – I completely understand.

  2. Yes indeed this busyness is challenging! So . much . change. We’re resting and breathing through our spring holidays right now but all the while those thoughts are at the back of my mind with the Festive Season approaching at such a rapid pace. I struggle when our schedule is overloaded and am pondering my way through some strategies to have in place. My word what an October you have coming! Yes yes do remember to ask for help… that one is VERY important and has been a big one for me to learn this year (and still learning!). Sacrificing those creative pursuits is hard… I’ve taken to audio books with knitting in hand for my evenings, just so I can squeeze in double pleasure, although there are so many things I’m still yet to find time for. I love that you enjoyed the beauty of your weekend without trying to capture everything through the camera – I think I should try that a little more. That pink house is straight out of a fairytale! I showed it to my kids and they couldn’t believe it was real 🙂 And that top photo… with the boats… it fills me with such calm. It looks like the most beautiful weekend xo

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