Decisions (and celebrations!)

birthday6It’s funny…by now you’d think I would realize that I am a writer.  After so many years of keeping this space, and writing for pleasure and work, it is in my bones.  Writing helps me to bring clarity and intention into my life, and yet when things get hectic, my writing often falls to the wayside.  Writing down my thoughts last week helped to bring such clarity to our current situation…well that, and the wonderfully supportive comments and emails I received.  Several readers asked the question, “Is there something that you could do to ease your schedule?”  When I sat with that question, I realized that the answer was a huge, resounding “YES!”




birthday5Vik started preschool this year and it has been a difficult transition.  He is only 3 years old, yet he is an independent, mature child.  He attended summer camp this past summer and absolutely loved it.  So we figured he was ready for school, although we didn’t start his brother until he was almost 4.  It turned out to be a situation that wasn’t a good fit for Vik.  Vik is extremely chill, and the wild class environment wasn’t at all suited to his personality.  He would begin crying the night before school, and wake up in tears.  And this is a child that isn’t prone to crying.  Coupled with the fact that I work on Tuesday and Thursday, the two days that Vik is in school, which meant that I didn’t see him for the entire day, it was clear that the school situation was causing undue stress.  And so we pulled him out last week.  The decision was so clear, and the relief was so instantaneous.  Now, two mornings a week we have nowhere to be and the three of us- myself, Vijay and Vik- have unstructured time together before I go to work at noon.  It has been the biggest blessing.




birthday8Thank you for being here…and thank you for gently voicing your support and asking the tough questions.  Isn’t it funny that sometimes a very obvious solution might be hiding in plain sight?  We are still adjusting to this new schedule, and there will still be moments of stress, but gaining those precious hours with my boys gave me renewed energy to tackle this season with positivity and thankfulness, starting with a huge 5th birthday celebration this past weekend!!


Your thoughts on “Decisions (and celebrations!)

  1. i’m so glad you found a schedule that works well for you and your family! i’ll be glad to see your writing continue here. 🙂
    side note – you throw the BEST parties!! your outdoor space is perfect for family/friends to gather and the kids always look like they are having so much fun!

  2. Hooray! While I am sorry that your little guy had to have a few sad days, I am so, so glad that you have found a way forward that works for all of you and is bringing you so much peace and happiness. That unstructured time with both boys will recharge your batteries so that you can go out and work with a settled heart. Cheers, mama!

  3. Wonderful, wonderful news! Glad you had the courage to make some changes and so happy that you have some unstructured time with your boys. I know that your boys will love it and you’ll treasure the time with them. Thanks for sharing your little corner of the world with all of us! I only read two blogs regularly and always love your posts.

  4. I am so happy to read this – I hadn’t done so before I sent you last night’s message!
    The flood of relief that follows when we make these decisions is that undeniable confirmation that they are right and the three of you will treasure those mornings even more now.
    Love and hugs xo

  5. Smiling and breathing a sigh of relief from Seattle…so happy you found a way to bring your home back into harmony. A mother always knows when something is not right and it takes great courage to change course. I admire you and all you do.

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