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_MG_1661With every passing year I feel like I am becoming a bit wiser.  The process of aging is really a process of knowing yourself on a deeper level, I suppose.  I have become more in-tune with my strengths and weaknesses.  One of my personality traits that I am constantly working on is my type-A need for perfection.  There are pluses and minuses to this type of personality (+high productivity, -easily stressed and a need for perfectionism).  I’ve become more balanced since having kids, but I still have this need to present things in a perfect light.  For example on my blog here; I love showing off the finished product but I am not very good at showing the process.  The process isn’t always pretty but it is where so much of the important stuff happens.  I love to pull these moves: “Oh look, a completed Alabama Chanin dress/ handknit sweater/ renovated kitchen” without sharing the struggles and mistakes that came along the way.  This year I am challenging myself to start sharing the journey…the WHOLE journey…with all of you.  I’ll never be someone that airs my dirty laundry and child-raising fiasco’s (thank goodness…there are certain things I believe should be kept private!) but I do look forward to sharing things as they unfold.




_MG_1691Coming up in the next few months I am looking forward to sharing more about the Alabama Chanin sew-a-long that I’ve organized.  It has grown beyond my wildest dreams and we now have 19 women from across the country (and one from Australia!) signed up to participate.  We’ve chosen some amazing recipients and placed the order for their garments.  This project is breathing new life into my craft practice.  I’m crackling with inspiration and ideas!  Secondly, I can’t wait to share some behind-the-scenes peeks into the process of writing my third book, Icy Creamy Healthy Sweet, which comes out this April.  This book is so darn pretty that it makes me a bit weepy- we’re talking hard cover and full page pictures for every recipe, plus a designer with incredible vision and talent (thank you Toni!).  I thought I’d share a bit about how I landed with Roost, the process of pitching the book, and also how I developed and tested the recipes, and photographed and wrote the book.  Wait until you see my homemade “studio set.”  Ha- it’s pretty hilarious!  Is there anything else you’d like me to share about this process….or about any other subjects?







_MG_1729It felt appropriate to accompany this post with pictures from Detroit, where I spent a day exploring with my mom over the holiday break.  If there ever was a city that knows about “the journey” it is Detroit.  There are so many amazing things happening in this city- yet so much more to be done.  The people of Detroit have quite a journey ahead of them- yet they seem ready to embrace it with full hearts, and they are not afraid of sharing the process that it will take to get there.  Pretty inspirational, if you ask me.





_MG_1667Mini Detroit Guide (as seen here):

Eastern Market: farmer’s market full of local produce, food trucks, and prepared foods, and the street art surrounding the market is off the hook!

Germack Coffee Roasting Co.: for an exceptional cup of coffee as well as roasted nuts and seeds for sale, right across the street from Eastern Market.

Will Leather Goods: an amazing store with beautifully made leather goods, plus a coffee bar.  Even if you aren’t in the market for leather goods, you’ll enjoy wandering this gorgeous space.

Selden Standard: craft cocktails and local food, the best meal I had while I was in Michigan over the break, hands down, and great decor to boot.

Avalon: a favorite bakery

Belle Isle: a 982-acre island park created as a place for Detroit residents to enjoy nature, walking paths, shoreline, an aquarium and a greenhouse.

If you are interested in a very hip, indie guide to the city, I’d suggest the Wild Sam Guide, which we purchased at The Detroit Mercantile Co.– a super cool indie shop.








Your thoughts on “Sharing the Process

  1. My focus definitely tends more toward process than perfection and I love to see other people’s process, especially because when I only see the final product I imagine that it was easy to knit the sweater/get the book deal/accomplish so much with young kids around (or whatever it may be) when there is usually a lot more to the story.

  2. I guess it’s very human to want to present oneself in the best picture, I def prefer to do so. Seeing the process and where things went wrong can be interesting if there is something to be learned from it. My main hobby is vegetable gardening and it is interesting to see what others do and especially to learn from their mistakes. But if it’s just a case of showing e.g. some sad lettuce that didn’t work out, then I’d rather just see the stuff that did.
    What wonderful murals you’ve photographed, Detroit looks like such an interesting place.
    Congrats on the book.

  3. I think on our blogs, most of us present the good, and in truth, do you really want to see some ones else’s messy house, dirty kitchen etc, when you have your own to contend with. I don’t mind seeing a bit behind the scenes of crafting – kntting sewing etc. That makes the process more real, and we appreciate the time that goes into completing a handmade piece.

    Fabulous photos of your trip to Detroit too – love all the street art.

  4. Hi, Christine,

    I’m so sorry Mirja decided to leave this project before we even got started. She seemed very hesitant and I’m really am not sure of the reasons why…please accept my apologies. I do know of another clothing designer and seamstress I could contact if you could still use another pair of hands. I won’t make the contact until I hear from you.

    I also promise to put a check in the mail soon. Things have been very busy as my niece’s 5 month old baby has been in Boston Children’s Hospital and Mass General Hospital. She has been through a very extensive battery of tests trying to determine the cause of her serious breathing problems. No diagnosis yet – but she’s being tested for Cystic Fibrosis next Tuesday. Please keep her and her family in your prayers…she’s the youngest of three children, and only weighs 10 pounds. We are all holding our breaths as we travel to Boston and back to help with her older siblings. Hug your boys extra hard in the morning…hope to hear from you soon!



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