Baa-ble Hat

baa-ble hat1I’m preparing a wonderfully rich post about writing a book proposal but despite my best efforts, I just couldn’t finish it this week. So instead I present you the cutest hat, modeled by the cutest boy. The Baa-ble hat knits up super quickly and is great for using up scrap yarn. As an added bonus- the pattern is free! It’s funny; as the boys become more aware of my knitting and sewing projects, they are beginning to choose items that they’d like me to knit. Vik saw me eyeing this hat on Ravelry and said “I’d like that hat, mama, with green and blue.” Well alrighty then! He knows exactly what he likes. And when I finished it he wore it for the next three days straight, even to bed at night! I’m loving the ability to knit for my boys and actually have them excited about wearing the finished product.

baa-ble hat


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