Stash Busting

v-neck I had a thought last year when I was going through my sweater collection…here’s a stash of unused yarn, right here in the form of a sweater that I never, ever wear. The painful part was coming to terms with ripping out a piece that had taken me months to knit, but here’s the thing: when I buy yarn for a sweater I invest in really nice, gorgeous yarn that can withstand the test of time. If that sweater isn’t getting loved and worn, isn’t the fabulous yarn better used in a different, more wearable sweater? The answer for me is a resounding YES. I don’t want anything in my closet that I don’t wear, handknit sweaters included. And so my Liv cardigan got ripped out about halfway and refashioned into a simple, v-neck sweater. And I am thrilled with the results. This fits my style; simple, classic and a bit tomboy-ish. Nothing fancy or fussy. AB5A3648 In other news, I am absolutely obsessed with colorwork. I find it pretty magical to watch the pattern come to life as you knit. All of a sudden where there where just a few random knits of one color, and a few random knits of another, a flower comes to life. It really is magical. The pattern for these mitts was generously shared by leighside knits, the most gifted of all mitt knitters!  I love the pointy tips- so whimsical and elfin. We had a few days of warm weather this week and everyone is whispering about spring. Feeling that vibe I picked out the prettiest quince blossom-color of yarn, which will be made into a birthday sweater for a sweet little girl.  I love looking down while I’m knitting and finding a burst of spring right there on my needles! As we head into spring, what is on your needles?

AB5A3603AB5A3621AB5A3593 *all pictures here by the fabulous Forrest Elliott*


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