Easter Eggs- a few ways

Botanical eggsI love Easter- it is such a beautiful holiday, one that celebrates rebirth and hope. It just so happens that Easter crafting is my favorite! Here is a fun round-up of different egg decorating tutorials I’ve shared over the years. It’s not too late to whip up some Easter egg fun!Natural dyeNatural dye 1 Playing with natural dyes it my absolute favorite! I’ve given detailed instructions in this post, as well as this one, as to how to dye eggs with ingredients you likely have around the kitchen. For the botanical print eggs pictured at the very top, I used natural dyes and this tutorial from Erin of Reading My Tea Leaves. When the boys are a bit older and have more patience, I’d love to try the botanical eggs again! This year, we just used natural dyes, with the occasional rubberband wrapped around the egg to achieve stripes. Their favorite part was then peeling and eating the multicolored hard-boiled eggs! Oh boys.Succulant eggs 1Succulant eggs Another fun egg craft includes blowing out the eggs, dying them and using them as planters for tiny little succulents and flowers. This is definitely a craft for older kids, and more delicate crafters. Blowing out the eggs does take some work! I wrote more about it here. Eggs w pansy Finally, if you are in a real hurry (let’s say the morning of Easter, perhaps!), this craft will save you! Simply cut little hats out of colorful paper and rest them on top of a few eggs. If you’re so inclined you might even draw funny little faces. I think these would be adorable place-markers at the kids Easter table. Have fun and happy Easter!Easter eggs w hats Eggs w hat


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