A Weekend Away, NYC

NYC1 What a weekend of beauty and inspiration! I’ll tell you, traveling with Elizabeth is such a treat. We both love to find balance between adventure and relaxation when we travel, and by that I mean days filled with beautiful food, explorations and shopping, and evenings filled with chick flicks. We might have been back at the hotel by 10pm, but we were laughing well past the wee morning hours. After a winter filled with solo parenting, it was the perfect rejuvenating weekend away. And as luck would have it my husband took the boys to Florida for the week to join my dad and brother for a little spring break boy’s vacation. I have to work this week, so I am now by myself here at home. It feels weird to be in an empty (really clean!) house and I am kinda loving having some time to catch up on work, spring clean, and sew/ knit late into the night.  Greenmarket, NYC TulipsGreenmarket But back to NYC- we spent most of our time walking around, ducking into little shops and eating. It’s funny- neither of us were craving heavy, rich food. Instead we sought out little cafes with great coffee and light eats. Our absolute favorite was Bluestone Lane, an Australian coffee shop. Their almond milk coffee, and grilled gluten-free banana bread with whipped ricotta are the stuff dreams are made of and I would gladly move to NYC just to eat breakfast there every morning. Please come to Providence Bluestone Lane- I’ll be your most loyal customer. Promise! Church NYC Blooms NYC3 The Butcher's Daughter Village We were lucky enough to have great weather- a bit chilly, but nothing we couldn’t handle. This made for the perfect walking weather, and we had some lovely strolls through Greenwich Village and Soho, the Upper West Side and Midtown. The magnolia trees were in full bloom and it was just gorgeous.

Purl SohoPurl Soho2 Purl Projects Of course we made it to our favorite two shops- Purl Soho and ABC Home. Endless beauty and inspiration. I left with a few skeins of yarn, including two of Purl’s new Linen Quill, which I am really excited to try.  ABC Home 2 ABC Home4 ABC Home 3 ABC Home 4 ABC Home 1 It’s nice to be back in Providence now, awaiting spring and the return of my boys. I’m excited to take some time this week to get caught up on life before we embark on what is shaping up to be a busy and exciting season, filled with travel and new projects. And maybe…just maybe another weekend trip to NYC. I always leave wanting more. Spring in NYC


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  1. I have THE . BIGGEST . CASE . OF . ENVY right now! Totally uncool the way I’m ogling these photos… glad no one can see me 😉 The way you describe this weekend with those fun filled days, chick flicks and giggles into the night, oh wow that is my ultimate! And how good is it to have a few days at home by yourself!?!!! That’s a favourite for me too. So happy you took the time to do it before the busy-ness kicks in xo

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