Terrain in Westport, CT

Terrain at Westport 3 Spring is here in full force…how did that happen so darn fast!? With the first blooms appearing my mind turns toward gardening and there is no better place to draw gardening inspiration than Terrain in Westport, CT. The first thing that greets you when you walk through the doors is this gorgeous potting display, which is pretty much what my dream potting table looks like! Terrain at Westport 15 Terrain at Westport 13 Terrain at Westport 16 Do you have a favorite color combination- one that just makes your heart sing? Mine is a certain blue-green, and dusty rose…and what do you know, it was on display throughout the shop. I had to stop myself from buying up this whole display just so that I could recreate it at home! That pitcher…that pink glass…those adorable enamel mugs- I loved them all. Terrain at Westport 14 Terrain at Westport 4 Terrain at Westport For all of the beauty and inspiration, I did leave empty-handed. I am trying to be incredibly conscious of what I bring into my home these days, and how I spend my money. And it is a funny thing- just looking at these pictures makes me as happy as if I would have bought every little thing that I loved. The pictures capture the styling and beauty, in a way that a single object can’t quite do. So enjoy this bit of eye candy, and have a lovely weekend. Next week is the launch of Icy, Creamy, Healthy, Sweet and I am so thrilled by all that is planned. It is going to be an exciting spring and summer- I can’t wait!Terrain at Westport 8 Terrain at Westport 6 Terrain at Westport 12 Terrain at Westport 11 Terrain at Westport 10

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  1. Ooooh… eye candy indeed!!! You did SO well coming out empty handed – I’m almost too scared to visit this place when I come over! I think I’ll need a shipping container for all the loot I want. And those mushrooms… they get me every time! So excited for your book launch – just one more sleep for me. I bet your April calendar is full. Enjoy my friend xo
    ps/ can’t wait to post my giveaway so I can join in on the Icy Creamy love 🙂

    1. I know- those mushrooms are amazing. The problem is I’d want a whole family of them in my garden! Thanks for the well wishes- April and beyond are indeed full, but it is all wonderful stuff and I’m super excited!

  2. Enchanting photos, especially that last one… swoon!
    For me that magical combination of colours is any sunny, creamy yellow mixed with a light blue, or white, it’s just so calming.

    Thank you for sharing this little bit of joy!

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