Wicked Tulips Flower Farm

Wicked Tulip Farm4Spring has sprung. For real this time! There were a few false starts and warm days that quickly turned cold, but the blossoms are out and the sun is showing itself more and more with each passing day. Every single year I forget how incredibly gorgeous Rhode Island is in the spring. This year, local flower nerds were abuzz with the gossip that a pick-your-own tulip farm was opening in Johnston, Rhode Island. Anyone who knows me well knows that I penciled in a flower date the very minute I heard the news! Wicked Tulip Farm2 Wicked Tulip Farm9 Wicked Tulip Farm1If you are local- or even within an hour drive- I would highly suggest a trip to Wicked Tulips Flower Farm. The tulips are so gorgeous, and there are so many varieties and colors. If you plan to go on the weekend, it might be smart to buy your tickets ahead of time. It was packed on a Thursday morning, so I can only imagine that the weekends will certainly be crowded. Wicked Tulip Farm7Wicked Tulip Farm Wicked Tulip Farm13 Wicked Tulip Farm6 Wicked Tulip Farm5 I let the boys pick our tulips and I was so surprised at the colors they chose. Our bouquet was stunning- in fact several people stopped to comment on it! Of course with Vijay wearing his SpiderMan costume and a random dinosaur mask, I suppose we were rather hard to miss! Wicked Tulip Farm11 Wicked Tulip Farm12 Wicked Tulip Farm14

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  1. But of course SpiderMan wears a dinosaur mask…. hahaha, love it!

    I am blown away by that flower farm. All those tulips, wow it is GORGEOUS! How about that photo of yours with the sea of tulips and the barn and house in the background (3rd down)!!!!! Oh my goodness, ok, so I might have to plan my visit for May 😉

  2. What a wonderful morning we had, my daughter,her daughter, and two great grandsons! This experience is really a positive one for Rhode Island. And the tulips are so exquisite! I returned today to pick more for a friend’s birthday.

    1. I know…as soon as I came home I wished I had picked about 100 more! I’m so glad you had a chance to go- it really is worth the trip!

  3. Hi Christine. I am visiting this farm on Friday and was doing some research about it on the web and stumbled across your blog post. Just wanted to say hi and let you know that I enjoyed your photos very much.

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