New York State of Mind

New York cchitnis_0456 Thank you so much for all of your kindness regarding my last post. Vulnerability and honesty are tough- but I am so grateful for all of your supportive comments and emails. Seriously, I feel so blessed to have this community in my life. I’ve responded to all of your comments individually- every single one of them was so kind. I’m just so grateful. Mental illness is hard to talk about, but it is so important to have these conversations. So thank you again for your kindness and sensitivity. New York cchitnis_0413New York cchitnis_0406 New York cchitnis_0495 New York cchitnis_0514New York cchitnis_0545New York cchitnis_0451 We met up with my parents in NYC this past weekend. For Christmas we had gifted my dad tickets to the US Open, something that was on his bucket list. My dad is a ridiculously good athlete. He walked on to the Michigan State tennis team and eventually played #1 doubles for the team and received an athletic scholarship. Big Ten tennis- I mean, that is a huge deal. He’s amazing and we were so excited to take him on this adventure. When my mom’s illness hit, we were unsure if this trip would happen, but I am thrilled to report that because of medical intervention, my mom is doing so much better. She has a spark in her eye once again (that was perhaps the scariest thing to see- the light in her eyes go out). She was raring to go, itching to get out and explore. And I can’t tell you how happy that made me (though I complained bitterly when she “dragged” me out to Brooklyn to see the Botanic Gardens, whose blooms I was so sure would be totally past their prime…insert foot in mouth!). New York cchitnis_0608 New York cchitnis_0574 New York cchitnis_0798 New York cchitnis_0841 New York cchitnis_0836 New York cchitnis_0643 New York cchitnis_0778 New York cchitnis_0745 New York cchitnis_0883 New York cchitnis_0866 In fact, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden was exploding with its final bloom, and everywhere we went- from the rose garden to the water lilies- there was so much beauty. I would absolutely love to return when the rose garden is at its peak. After wandering for hours, we hopped in a cab and made our way to the Brooklyn Flea Market in Fort Greene. It was a total blast, and there were so many tempting offerings, including this stack of indigo mudcloth! But we walked away empty-handed (not counting the donuts and pizza that we scarfed- seriously go for the food stalls….soooo good!).New York cchitnis_0934 New York cchitnis_0918 New York cchitnis_0937 New York cchitnis_0923New York cchitnis_0921 New York cchitnis_0925 New York cchitnis_0922 New York cchitnis_0944 In all, a wonderful weekend spent with my family, enjoying big city life. I’ll be the first to admit that we are decidedly “college town” kinda people, though. New York City left my boys spinning! The night we arrived home, we read “The Tale of the City Mouse and Country Mouse,” and both boys were decidedly in the country mouse camp! Now this week, back to school and the craziness that brings. Good luck to all you parents and students out there. Let’s try to shake off the rust and get this school routine up and running! New York cchitnis_0950

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  1. I am so so glad you were all able to follow through with this trip – especially that your Mum has her sparkle back and that your Dad made it to the US Open! Your photos are gorgeous… the Botanic Gardens and the flea market! Oh, how about that stack of indigo mudcloth!?!! Your boys have the most beautiful grins – so innocent and cheeky and handsome. Lots of love to you my friend xo

    Ps/ Quick tech question… do you use a tripod for the night scenes or do you play with the handheld setting that takes 4 consecutive shots?

    1. So I’m a bit embarrassed to admit this, but when it comes to night photography, I often just turn the camera to Auto (which I never do- I shoot in manual or aperture priority). That is about the only way I’ve managed to capture decent night shots!

      That’s probably the least satisfying answer possible 😉

  2. So glad to hear your mom is doing better. Ooh, the US Open, what a treat. And the flowers look amazing 😉 – but I get you sentiments about City Mouse and Country Mouse, I’m definitely a country mouse as well, no matter how much I enjoy visiting big cities.

    1. You’re right Helle- visiting is great, but coming home is best! I do crave the city energy every now and then, but I am always so happy to come home to my quiet street and small(ish) city! It suits me just fine! And thank you for the kind words about my mom! xo

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