Sunday Suppers Workshop

sunday-suppers_2903 I had the distinct pleasure of taking a workshop with Aran Goyoaga at Sunday Suppers in Brooklyn this past weekend. I was feeling like I needed a little creative boost, and I find that workshops are great for connecting with other creatives, as well as improving on skills and learning new techniques. I left Providence early Friday morning and grabbed an Amtrak to NYC and made it in time for a Union Square Greenmarket sourcing trip with the group in the pouring rain. Despite the downpour, it was fascinating to watch Aran carefully choose her ingredients, keeping an eye out for interesting details; beautifully curved stems, imperfect apples and pears, rough-skinned squash. The beauty, and therefore visual interest, lies in the imperfections.  sunday-suppers_2951 sunday-suppers_3006 We met up again on Saturday morning in the Sunday Suppers studio and kitchen space to learn more about Aran’s process, and watch her style and photograph several dishes. It was fascinating to watch her attention to detail, often spending at least an hour photographing a single recipe (not taking into account time spent sourcing props and food, and cooking). For me, it brought up questions around studio vs. lifestyle photography, and which direction I am drawn towards. The whole weekend gave me quite a bit to think about, which is exactly the point. I’m always hesitant to invest in myself, whether it be new equipment or a workshop, and yet I’m always so grateful when I take the leap.  sunday-suppers_2955 sunday-suppers_2963 I was surprised to find that I didn’t pick up my camera that often, as I was too busy watching and taking notes, but here are a few behind the scenes shots taken on my phone. A big thank you to Aran for the weekend, as well as the entire group for their inspiration. 2016-10-24_0004The light in the studio was absolute perfection, with large north facing windows that let in plenty of light despite the gray, rainy weather. A selection of neutral props- love! 2016-10-24_0005The selection that Aran chose from the market- look at those gorgeous imperfections. And a buckwheat galette using Hidden Rose apples from Scott Farm Orchard (which I brought with me from home, cradled in my lap for the train ride!). 2016-10-24_0006My favorite discovery of the weekend- Seed and Mill! One of the company founders, Rachel, was a workshop participant and it was an absolute joy meeting her and learning about the company. She treated me to a goat’s milk soft serve ice cream, topped with Seed and Mill tahini and halva, served in a red velvet cone. It was the most delicious thing in the world. Find their stall at Chelsea Market- do it! And the last gasp of dahlia for the season at the Greenmarket. greenmarket

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  1. Looks amazing, and even though the lessons about photography would be lost on me…..I’m very glad YOU can take those great photos because I felt ‘right there’ with you. Beautiful❤️

  2. Pretty darn fabulous phone photos!!! Must be the fine composition skills of the photographer me thinks 😉 This workshop looks like it would have been so inspiring and I love these words of yours… “The beauty, and therefore visual interest, lies in the imperfections.” So so so true! xoxo

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